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Healthy dog treats are perfect supplements for commercial dog food

Healthy dog treat eating dog

Healthy dog treat eating dog Why bother buying commercial dog food treats if your dog’s diet is “healthy”

Very few people buy commercial dog food treats as a dog diet supplement, but for 99% of people, that is exactly what their main use should be. Manufactured dog food doesn’t have anywhere near enough quality meat protein in it (for essential amino acids that are bio available) and most commercial dog food diets are not meat based or have the right additives of calcium and Omega’s.

For homemade dog food you can add large dried bones (for calcium) or shark cartilage for calcium and Omega 3. Roo products are high in meat based Omega 3.

Human behaviour is hard to change at the best of time, let alone our overt or subconscious beliefs. So most of what I have written above won’t be considered to be true by 99% of the dog owner population.

BUT if there is a slight chance that you might consider that not all dog food corporations have your dog’s best interest at their primary purpose (ie its actually all about profit) – THEN you might consider a little more meat in your dogs diet couldn’t hurt.

Raw meat is considered messy by many people, and buying, cutting, freezing, drying can all take time and expertise that most people don’t want to deal with in their home or spare time.

That is why our MEAT BASED dog treats are such a brilliant healthy supplement for dog food from almost every source, and a great alternative to grain based dog treats.

I have written so many articles about meat based diets under the Nutrition tab on this site, that I am not going to put all the links and reference material in here. And in reality, like for climate change sceptics, science wont convince people about the nutrition of their dog’s food diet either.

See I put a little bit (10- 20% kibble) high fibre, into my dogs raw meat offal and bones diet, to solve the fibre issue. I don’t deny commercial dog foods value (in small doses) or expect that the general population is going to convert to a raw meat diet for their dog’s any time soon.

But I know, that whatever meat based treat you do end up buying form my store, that it will only provide a positive health benefit to your dog, rather than just being a junk food snack that they like because of all the sugar etc.


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