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Crocodile Feet dog treat instructional eating VIDEO by Archie


crocodile-feet-dog-treat-in-Archie-dogs-mouth You are probably wondering exactly what crocodile feet dog treats are like for a dog to eat.

If you have ever been to yum cha in China town, you may have already experienced what chicken feet are like a human to eat.  The big difference is that Crocodile feet might be one of the most perfect Wholefood ‘ complete’ mini meat based dog treats ever.

I have to admit that I was originally skeptical as to whether anyone would buy these treats. You know, because of the ‘ick’ factor.

But then I found that many people rise above their initial concerns when they are all about their dog’s healthy dog treats, and enjoyment and this is the perfect nexus of both.

Buy Crocodile tail bone feet Buy Crocodile Feet BULK

Why Crocodile dog treats in Australia are so good.

Ok, that sentence isn’t as obvious as it sounds, but there are some profoundly good reasons for at least trying the sample size of the croc feet, while we still have them in stock.

These are an extremely rare dog treat because the crocodiles are farmed under very tightly enforced conditions in the north of Australia. These farms are permitted to farm crocodile for the human restaurant food market, and the feet only comprise a tiny percentage of the whole animal of course.

Here are some of the exciting crocodile feet dog treat facts:

The meat is organic (or at least not saturated with growth hormones etc) and extremely hypoallergenic, more so than kangaroo it is believed. This means its a clean meat, high protein meat and a rare meat that very few dogs are likely to show allergies to.

You can buy dog treat bones, dog treat meat, and dog treat skin, and in this case very rarely are all three things in one package. Being mostly juvenile crocodiles even the biggest feet are not too big a challenge for the vast majority of dogs on the planet.

Smaller crocodiles also mean that the skin is relatively easy to eat,  and the phalanges (toe bones) of the crocodile are small and smooth making easy crunchy eating for dogs.

Like any new meat, or treat, some fussy dogs might take their time to familiarise themselves with the fact that this is meat, and that they have permission to eat it. If your dog (or you) at all struggles with the concept of these premium very rare dog treats, then may we recommend the crocodile sticks that we sell.  They are 60% croc meat and the rest mostly chicken neck, making them a full animal crunchy meat alternative …

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