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Crocodile Sticks dog treats being eaten video – by Archie


Crocodile-sticks-dog-treats-archie-dog-eating. This is one of our first crocodile treats, and we are extremely happy to be able to provide our loyal customers with the opportunity for their dogs to varying their meat protein consumption.  Varying the species of animal eaten by dogs is the same as any carnivore, it is believed to strengthen immunity and general health.

That aside, there is something kind of fun about a dog eating a crocodile – a sustainably farmed Australian crocodile that is.

Nutrition wise there are many reasons to select crocodile for your dog too.  Extremely low allergen likelihood, high omega 3, brand new protein source .. it has so many things going for it that the Chinese have it as one of the most prized meats for human consumption (curing all manner of ills).

The crocodile stick package

These sticks are quite different from our regular sticks.  The crocodile sticks are slightly longer than our regular sticks (beef, chicken, lamb, and roo) but a lot less dense than the traditional sticks.

The unusual thing about this is that while they are lighter, they have no wheat in them, so they are 98% animal product (60% crocodile meat and 38% chicken neck).


If you are a raw feeder you will already know the praise these dog owners have for chicken necks – they are easy for any dog to consume and provide the perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus.  In dried, crushed ingredient form inside the sticks, they provide an added crunch making these sticks often a lot longer to consume for small to medium sized dogs than the regular sticks.

You will see in this video that my dog took a little while to familiarise himself with the scent of the stick because that is often what clever dogs do when they come across a new animal. They savour the nuances of the new protein as it fills their nasal cavities (much more developed than humans).  That said, after his first crunch on the stick he was hooked, and my guy tends to be a fussy eater (tends to like meat only).


The great thing about this stick is that being 98% animal product (crocodile meat, chicken neck, 2% salt) it is extremely bioavailable to your dog. While our regular sticks are 80% meat product – which is at least double that of very high end commercial dog food,  98% meat, and the bone product is near FOUR times the amount of animal product of what many dog foods provide.

That means that the crocodile stick is

easy for all dogs to eat

a unique tasty animal protein source

Highly bioavailable (easily used by the dog internally) – nothing wasted.

The good thing about them being light is that you can feed them much more of the stick without it being an issue for the diet (amount of Kj consumed per day).

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