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Best long chewing dog treats for small, mid and large dogs – 2 new packs !


-big-dog-treat-chewing-treats After a number of requests of sample packs for specific dog issues we found that mostly it revolved around low fat treats or long chewing dog treats.

Its been  a long while in the making but we have just put together two packs for  big chewing dogs in the 1) small and mid sixed dog class, and 2)  the BIG chewing dogs.

You can find them under our ‘Specials dog treat’ category.

There are more details under each dog treat description on the site but here are the reasons and the treats that we include in each

MEDIUM CHEWER Sampler Pack 300g

mid sized dog big chew dog treats

These are most suitable for small & medium sized dogs who want a good chew and exceptionally low fat.

As we believe in the most natural dog treats in the world for our Australian clients, we mostly sell 100% meat based dog treats.  This means that each treat includes the level and type of fat that comes with that animal.  That means for instance for beef and chicken treats that they usually contain about 10% fat, the natural amount found in that meat.

MEDIUM-dog-chew-sampler-pack dog treats Some manufacturers might make specialty low fat versions of these animal breed specific treats, but some of those processing methods can corrupt the nutrition of the dog treat which is the whole reason why we keep it as simple as possible.  Meat is cut, treats are dried, bagged and served.

This means that this pack includes mostly Kangaroo and Fish products, which naturally have lower levels of fats, and in particular very healthy fats such as higher amounts of Omega 3..

Besides these treats being some of our most popular sellers they also are the tougher of the kangaroo and fish treat ranges.  They won’t be a major obstacle to Rottweilers and Doberman dogs, but that is not the kind of dogs that this packs is aimed at.  Yes they are still very healthy for all breeds of dogs, but these are the kinds of treats that even my spoodle (with naturally soft retriever jaw) can easily eat, but will need to take a lot more time over.

Besides the good teeth cleaning and gum strengthening of these treats we have included shark cartilage Wide that has been shown to be quite useful at reducing the effects of osteoarthritis in many dogs.

We have also included one of the easier to chew roo bones out of our kangaroo bone selection, meaning that your dog not only gets a good chew, it also gets to get meat off this bone too. It was a toss-up between roo hip and roo tail pieces to include here. So if you love the roo hip bone, perhaps also check out our roo tail piece bones too.

Ingredients (2017):  Kangaroo Tendon x 2, Kangaroo Cartilage x 5, Kangaroo Hip bone < 200g, Shark Cartilage x 5, Ling Fish skin x 5

BIG CHEWER Sampler Pack 500g

Big chewing dog treat

The hardest longest chewing treat option pack presented its own difficulties in what to include and exclude.  We have many other treats that could also be included, but we need to make a choice for the general pack mix that would satisfy most dogs and include something from the relatively easy (but medicinal) to the almost impossible for many dogs.

The point with this big chewing dog pack is that while there are some breeds of dogs that will be able to chew through all of these treats in one sitting, not all dog will. These treats are also 100% AND meat based, so the meat smells are more likely to keep your dog interested even if they don’t get a particularly good easy purchase on ripping them apart instantly.

At the lighter end of the chew spectrum is the shark cartilage and bully sticks. Note the shark cartilage has amazing healthy benefits for any dog of any age and with big chewing dogs there can often be big joint issues.  Shark cartilage is one of the best remedies for bone/ bone interface lubricant issues.

BIG-chew-sampler-pack dog treats The beef tendon is relatively low fat since it isn’t a meat or a fat product. Some dogs break this down relatively easily, but others have to gnaw away at it for a while. Either way, it provides some preoccupation while not boosting the calories too much.

Two of the hardest treats (non bone) that we have witnessed, see videos on the left column of the home page, are the pork jumbo roll and the cow hooves.  Most small and medium dogs don’t even try these treats due to their very robust nature. BUT unlike rubber toys or compressed vegetable matter, these are 100% natural animal products that are generally safe and digestible.

In theory the hardest treats we have included in here is the Kangaroo clod bone. Compared to many domestically farmed animals bones it seems that roo bones have one of the hardest longest chewing structures around (for its size). And of course if they manage to break through to the marrow they get rewarded with the high quality roo fat marrow.

Ingredients:  Bully Beef Stick (long) x 2, Beef Tendon x 1, Cow Hooves x 2, Kangaroo Clod bone x 1, Pork Roll x 1, Shark Cartilage x 5


Always supervise your dog initially eating these treats, and talk with your vet if you have any specific dog medical conditions you are trying to resolve.  These long chewer sampler packs can be bought at any time, but often are the best way to introduce people (and their dogs) to treats that they might not have normally tried with their dogs, at a relatively low price.

These sampler packs mean now you don’t have to buy five full separate packs of the treats until you see which ones suit you best.

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