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What dog treats to use for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Cocker Spaniel dog with sensitive stomach

Cocker Spaniel dog with sensitive stomach We do appreciate dog treat suitability questions and solving food issues that people have.

ISSUE – A potential customer came to us with concerns for their cocker spaniel. The dog has a sensitive stomach and while only five can’t eat raw or cooked meats or bones. It eats a sensitive stomach kibble product and special ‘sausage’ but is even bringing up bile on regular dog treat biscuits.

They are looking for a biscuit for sensitive stomach dogs.

Dog treat options sensitive dogs

I have a spoodle that has a sensitive stomach on meats that are high in saturated fats such as cooked roast pork or lamb.  He also won’t eat raw or cooked Kangaroo but thrives on ANY of our kangaroo dog treats.

I recommended that they perhaps even try Roo tendons and shark cartilage as they are ideal long chews for dogs that are prone to gain weight.

The other meat dog treats that most people’s dogs are unlikely to have tried are in the fish category … such as Hoki, flake or octopus.  (these are also organic and low fat).

While some people rule out Kangaroo for whatever reason, Roo is often used on exclusion diets to test for dog allergies to food, because its a novel meat and organic etc. So most vets consider it a very safe meat.

Very few dogs have issues with 100% meat products – and the high protein really benefits a lot of dogs fed on a high grain manufactured dog food diet.

The ideal dog biscuit for sensitive stomach dogs

If a person is convinced that their dogs cant even eat 100% meats (dried) then the IDEAL biscuit is our mini charcoal biscuits.  

You will see they come in 200g and 1 Kg packs and not only does the charcoal help settle stomachs and reduce flatulence, it also removes excess bile from dog’s stomachs.  In fact if you feed excess charcoal biscuits you will often see green poo as the excess bile is removed from the dog’s system.

If you are in doubt about what is in a dog treat – we try our best to resolve any doubts by providing full ingredients lists of our treats  in the LONG description page of the dog treat.

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