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Beef Tendons 65g+

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Beef Tendons 70g+ LONG CHEWING!


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Beef Tendons dog treats (grown and manufactured in Australia)

Beef tendons are typically 25-35cm long, 5cm wide, with a depth of about 0.2- 0.6cm. The reason you will want these for your dog is that they are one of the hardest chewing meat based dog treats you will find. They are essentially the missing link between bully sticks and dog treat bones.

These beef tendons are the perfect for long chewing dog needs that help clean teeth and keep gums healthy.

If you are finding that bully sticks are not enough of a challenge but don’t like dogs having too many bones (wearing their teeth), then our Beef tendons are your ideal choice.

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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm