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KangaROO LAMI DOG TREATS, a Quick tasty chew – Instructional VIDEO

roo lami dog treat

roo lami dog treat Roo LAMI.  A funny name for a treat you might think, but not if you follow the logic. Roo lami is shredded kangaroo, recombined in a long stick (like salami but without the fat) and cut into thin disc pieces.

Like the rest of the black dog range, this dog treat is an extraordinary quality treat of up to 85% kangaroo meat, and NATURALLY irresistible!

That said, you may wonder where this kangaroo dog treat fits into the whole kangaroo range.


The fact is that not all dogs (small puppies and older dogs) can eat hard chewing dog treats. But if your dog, then bones and roo tendons are available on that side of things.

Some people just want a sizeable healthy dog treat that they can give their dog at home or when they are out that will fully satisfy them, and that’s the genius of the fast eating Roo lami.

The VIDEO on this page features my healthy five year old 20 kg cockapoo/ spoodle eating these healthy roo lami dog treats down at the shoreline. He takes around ten seconds to eat each one.

And as you can see he keeps coming back for more. None of that famous ‘stand off’ poodle mix reticence.

Well you have the roo tendons, and roo jerky down the long lasting hard chewing end, then roo nuggets and kangaroo straps sit somewhere in the middle, while these roo lami and roo sticks sit at the very easy chewing end of the kangaroo dog treat eating spectrum.

When I look at it this way, it is kind of funny that I am mentioning this, because it seems that all supermarket treats (invariably filled with cheap grains) are on the soft side of chews, with chemicals inserted to increase the treats palatability (the thing that makes dogs obese).  Whereas these naturally soft roo lami varieties just rely on the concentrated smell of kangaroo to entice dogs to eat them.

If you are looking for an equivalent in the chicken range you would consider them to be on par with chicken discs for a quick chewing dog treat.

These treats also crumble a fair bit, meaning that the dog gets a chance to pick up the bits and pieces, which they love to do from their inherited scavenging drive.

Looking around the market place, I see very few kangaroo based dog treats like this, so it might make a nice addition to your healthy dog treat arsenal. Something a bit different to treat your dog from time to time, or each day?

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to OUR WEBSITE.

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