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NEW PRODUCT dog bones and FISH dog treats we sell

New product hoki fish dog treats

New product hoki fish dog treats Since we are mostly restricted by what we can source (we don’t actually own any abattoirs) we have found it better to source the best and the most diverse meat based dog treats from as many companies that we can that will provide affordable ongoing options for you and your dog.

Some of our newest dog treats

The newest dog treats in recent times we have begun stocking are extending our bone dog treat range. Our beef bone range now sports some of the biggest bones you will get anywhere (unless you buy whole sides at the butchers and don’t mind the mess in leaving large raw bones in the yard).

While these are fantastic for big dogs we know that most owners of small and medium dogs get very little value of massive bones because they are too hard for smaller dogs to chew and have minimal meat on them.

That is why an old favourite like lamb necks have always been popular, particularly on our FIVE lamb neck bundle. but for people wanting a healthier (lower fat organic choice) we now sell three roo bones (plus bundling versions). The roo hips have a lot more meat on them and can be eaten by any size dog, and the roo tails are jammed full of meat in great easy use ten packs- or 70 if you like!

NEW PRODUCT Fish dog treats – HOKI

We have truly been on the fish dog treat round about for a few years now.

Initially all we could get was flake and a little known HAKE fish food.  We were really happy when we were able to source tuna, but suppliers decided that supply was too intermittent and prices too high to be sustainable so then we were cut back to the two fish option for a while.

The big news in fish dog treats is that HOKI is now replacing HAKE in our line up. No, we didn’t know what HOKI was either until we did a little research to find that is it exclusively local to Australian and NZ waters ensuring Australian organic supply of this fish. And that it is known by many names such as blue grenadier that you might buy at the local fish shop.  It smells a little like sardines and has the golden colour or tuna and lots of great healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 in it.

It appears to be a great replacement for Tuna but is of a softer texture meaning its more accessible to ALL dogs. NOTE slow dried HOKI dog treats are considered MUCH healthier than many canned (human) fish products that can be overheated in the process of damaging proteins and oils.

While our fish suppliers continue to innovate, we will always strict to bring you the healthiest meat options at the best prices, and of course even better service!

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