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Kangaroo Jerky Small pieces dog treats, high value to your dog – incl. VIDEO

Kangaroo Jerky Small dog treats

Kangaroo Jerky Small dog treats

Kangaroo Jerky Small pieces are the ideal nutrition treat for EVERY dog on the planet.

We also sell a longer version of Kangaroo Jerky for dog owners looking for a natural teeth cleaner and it is 100% kangaroo meat. However, the small version is perfect for every dog at any time of the day and is something that should always be stocked in your home.

DOG TYPE – The small pieces are ideal for almost every dog. ONLY young puppies or very old dogs with difficulty in eating and very weak jaws won’t manage this treat.

Kangaroo Jerky Small pieces dog treats – MAIN BENEFITS

OK, are you ready?

The meat is 100% Australian, and 100% undiluted kangaroo meat.

Kangaroo meat has a lot of benefits, it is ORGANIC, LOW FAT and is a source of high- quality protein. These qualities make up for the deficiencies of absorbable protein that is often absent in commercial dog food.  Additionally, it is a natural supplier of Omega 3, which assists in reducing inflammation, assists brain function and helps with dog arthritis.

In many regional areas, kangaroos are declared a pest and thus of the 30 million population about 1 million are culled legally each year. Unluckier kangaroos may die due starvation or harsh drought conditions. Therefore, not using kangaroo meat as a food source is truly wasting one of our greatest natural resources in Australia.

Pros vs Cons of Small Kangaroo Jerky


  • The Most Ideal Treat for Any Dog
  • 100% Kangaroo Meat
  • Low Fat
  • High in Protein


  • Will not provide medium to large dogs a long chewing treat, but that is why we sell the LONG version as well.


This is the treat that I will switch to if my dog loses the ability to chew the LONG kangaroo jerky strips in old age.  That said, it is also the treat that I regularly take with us in a snap lock bag on our day trips or visits to local cafes to provide a little longer chewing, without making too much of a mess under the street tables.

Not a lot of dogs will have an allergy to 100% kangaroo meat, unlike other meat products. That is why it is used in elimination diets to check for dog food allergies. This means that if your dog has any sensitivities in general, kangaroo is unlikely to be one of them.

A dog that has pancreatitis, is obese or other such ailments can also confidently eat this low-fat wonder without you feeling guilty.

If you haven’t tried these treats, make sure to order some today!

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