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Why shark cartilage or yogurt drops are the perfect valentine gift for your dog!

Valentines day shark cartilage

Valentines day shark cartilage For anyone really happy on valentine’s day, buy a healthy dog treat for your dog. For anyone sad and lonely on valentine’s day, buy a healthy dog treat for your dog!

How shark cartilage and yogurt drops are healthy for dogs

.. and why did I choose these two dog treats to focus on for valentine’s day?

Well because they are both very popular treats and both at the extreme ends of the healthy spectrum for most people.

People have been discovering and re-discovering shark cartilage for the last 20 years for their dogs. Most people wait until their dog has a crippling arthritis ailment before buying them shark cartilage sticks or powder, but some also realize that its calcium, chew-ability and omega 3 is great for a dog of any age.

They buy a small pack and get hooked. They realise that most dogs don’t have the power to eat the stick in one big gulp and because the sticks are so light you get many of them for a kilogram. All of a sudden these mystic food makes very good sense as a daily ‘treat’ or in fact dog food supplement.

In Asia (curiously enough to those countries still eating dogs) there has been a backlash recently against shark cartilage.  Ironically its because the cartilage comes from the fin of a shark, and many sharks in that part of the world are killed illegally just for their fin, so the cartilage is thought as a by product of illegal fishing. And of course that is a bad thing.

In Australia, we catch a shark in responsible numbers that the government allows via fishing licences on big boats. The shark meat is served in restaurants and at fish and ship shops as flake and if we didn’t rescue the cartilage (one of the most nutritious parts of the shark) it would be thrown away. So sharks in Australia are never killed with their fin in mind for Asian markets, but as a meat source for humans and any off cuts go into the dog treat market.

Irony here too, as shark being an organic sea creature is often healthy for humans than any other source of meat or food. Yet it doesn’t end up in dog food, because it costs real money and dog food makers are interested in profit first, nutrition a very distant third or fourth.

So how does yogurt drops enter into the valentine dogs treat conversation?

There are people that only buy yogurt drops or carob buttons from our dog treat store. Many of these people would say they do it because their dogs love it. But there are others that understand the important role that calcium plays to their dogs, and that blackdog yogurt drops have lactose removed so that dogs do not become sick from indulging in it.

Yes the yogurt drops have sugar added, as otherwise the dogs would not eat the treat. If you are concerned with adding anything to a dog treat, please read the massively long list of additives (including all the artificial vitamins and minerals) that are include in your dog food.

So there you have it. If you love your dog, treat (dog treat) them right this valentine’s day. And whatever choice of product you make via our store, you can be assured you are actually making a positive healthy difference in your dog’s life. Shark cartilage or yogurt drops – your dog will love you and actually be better for the experience, not just full.


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