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Why dental stick dog treats are one of the largest sellers in online auction stores

A meat treat based dog

A meat treat based dog I  was curious as to what one of the biggest global online auction and direct sales sites might say was their best dog treats. I thought I might find some natural dog treats, some healthy dog treats, something made from meat. But unnaturally, no.

Some retailers sell these kinds of single ingredient products on this site, but only ONE treat made it into their top TWENTY best selling dog treats.

Perhaps it was because this was a dot com and mostly reflected American buying habits for their dogs, but I imagine that its a first world issue. That is, includes Australia as a bad trend too.

You know when a dog treat is bogus when they give it a marketing name rather than any kind of natural name. And it appears that from many different sellers that fake ‘dental’ sticks are one of the biggest sellers.

This should not be surprising as they massively overcharge for these at supermarkets and vets in Australia (considering the poor quality of ingredients in them). But can you excuse this from global dog treat manufacturers when they actually have the buying power to do much better (ie use meat)?

One excuse used is this is a teeth cleaning aid.  They neglect to say that its the use of kibble and wet canned dog food that creates so many issues for tooth decay and gum disease in the first place (because they also make dog food).

Why the compressed vegetable matter is so wrong for dogs.

Firstly it’s solving an issue caused by the dog food the other branch of the brand sold you.

Most of these products have wheat as the first and second ingredient. If they dont they have rice or some other grain.  These are very cheap and basically filler ingredients.

Your dog gets 70-80% wheat in its dog food. Dogs in the wild don’t intentionally eat grains unless they are trying to be sick. Why would you put more grains into their system?

Some of these products have many ingredients added to them to act as some kind of defacto dog food. These ingredients are mostly inappropriate versions of the minerals found in the natural bioavailable form in meat. If you feed your dog this you are paying for HARD grain dog food at many times the cost per gram than the original formulas, just because it’s hard!

If their original dog food was so healthy for your dog, why would they be trying to stuff a hard version of dog food into your dog? You wouldn’t unless they knew that the ingredients they use in dog food are not ideal for the dog species and they are trying to cover their tracks by doubling the input of more vitamins and minerals.

Meat dog treats that clean dogs teeth

Bones are the most obvious ‘dog treat’ for cleaning teeth, but if you feed your dog chicken necks they often just swallow them nearly whole.

If you feed your dog a lot of big bones (dried or raw) they can be overzealous and chip teeth trying to get to the marrow. We sell plenty of bones, but we know many vets try and tell clients not to use bones and instead use their corporate sponsored products.

Beef jerky, Roo jerky, roo tendons, beef tendons, fish skins are all relatively long chewing, dried, one ingredient, meat based dog treats that a dog might have had a chance of eating in the wild. They will supply REAL nutrition (in the form of bioavailable amino acids) and they will properly CLEAN YOUR DOGS TEETH.

Many people don’t buy natural dog treat products for their dog’s teeth because they think their vets are dentists too. They pay vets lots of money for their opinions, even if vets do little study on the nutritional value of meat (because many vet schools s are sponsored by dog food companies.

You won’t get many vets spruiking the benefits of meat based dog treats for cleaning your dog’s teeth, because they know the kibble they sold you caused it in the first place. And meat products are rarely sold by their business partners as there just inst enough mark up to make everyone rich in the chain.

Why would you give your dog more fast food made in a lab, when YOU have the choice of making them 100% healthy, at least in your dog ‘treat’ selection?

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