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What is all the excitement about chicken breast fillet dog treats?

Chicken Breast Dog Treat best in Australia

Chicken Breast Dog Treat best in Australia Once upon a time dogs werewolves. They chased things, caught things and ate things. They were happy. When they evolved into dogs, the man found it cheaper and easier to feed them grain, even though it was not particularly good for them. The corporations flourished and shareholders made great profits at the expense of the dog’s world over.

It is clear to everyone except the dog food manufacturers press teams, that meat is the only bio-available protein source that is easily used by dogs digestion systems. Meat can be fully broken down into essential amino acids.

how important is chicken meat to dogs?

You will already know that chickens are a relatively cheap meat source for humans. And so you should not be surprised why it is one of the main meats that dog food manufacturers use the world over.  If you feed your dogs on a raw meat diet, you will also use offal and bones as part of their proper nutrition mix. The trick for the types of chicken used in manufactured dog food is that it can be whole meat, chicken meat meal or any other substandard versions of chicken (offal offcuts, meat off cuts and bone all in a lovely cheapest possible blend).

So finding that chicken is the main ingredient in manufactured dog food (dry and wet) you might not be surprised that chicken is claimed to be one of the main meat allergy foods. Of course dogs can be allergic to any number of grains, but perhaps the allergy claim is just because almost every dog on earth has been exposed repeatedly to high levels of chicken?

it is true that chicken doesn’t have a high amount of iron or a few other elements, but that its levels are typically higher than most grains, and it supplies great essential amino acids, making things like chicken breast fillet dog treats an excellent meal supplement.

Chicken dog treats and the wild dog and domestic dog

There is a theory populated by some enthusiasts that dogs should only eat white meat because that is the only kind of meat that a small dog could chase and catch. But since dogs are evolved from wolves and even dogs hunt in packs and can bring down large prey, this is mostly bunk.

The reason why some types of breeds in domestic dogs might have more of a preference for chicken, besides its tasty fat is that many sporting dogs (gun dogs, retrievers etc) have been bred for hundreds of years to retrieve fallen birds. Is it possible that there is a link between their training and their food preference? Again that is speculation.

The simple fact is that most dogs love chicken and its not always practical for people to safely dry their own chicken breast at home. That is why our own chicken breast fillet dog treats sold on this site, make so many owners and dogs happy!

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