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Mini Charcoal Biscuits

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My dogs favourite detox biscuit!

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Mini Charcoal Dog Treat Biscuits (Made in Melbourne, Australia)

These CHARCOAL dog treat biscuits are oven baked & contain genuine activated charcoal.  And that is why I consider them one of the heathiest biscuits around, made and sold in Australia!

If the manufacturer is out of MINI charcoal biscuits, you can always buy the BIG version charcoal dog biscuits that has essentially the same ingredients and just snap the biscuits in half.

NOTE activated charcoal is the only HEALTHY option for dogs to consume, regular charcoal as used in BBQs can be toxic to dogs.

Charcoal Mini biscuit treats are ideal to help with dog flatulence and stomach upsets, diarrhea or indigestion: (the charcoal ingredient).  IN fact, activated charcoal is so good, it is a substance that is often used at human and vet hospitals alike to treat recently eaten toxic or poisonous things, as if the dog can be induced to vomit, the charcoal soaks up the toxins while allowing water to pass through.

Mini Charcoal Biscuits Ingredients: Whole grain wheat, tallow, charcoal powder, sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, flax-seed meal, garlic powder, aniseed flavour, vitamins and minerals, colour.


Mini Biscuit Approximate dimensions:  53 mm long x 25 mm widest x 15 mm deep, 9 grams weight

How is activated charcoal made for dog treat biscuits? 

Heating natural materials   such as natural (untreated wood) over 600 °C ‘activates’ the remnant charcoal (carbon) by removing surface molecules. The empty bonding sites makes the material very porous and absorbent simply by having such a large surface area.

Your dog can eat these biscuits at any time and have NO negative effects, however if they happen to have any of the flatulence or indigestion conditions, the ‘toxic’ particles bind (covalent bonding.) to the activated charcoal in the upper GI tract and stomach, and pass through the rest of the intestine innocuously. It has been estimated that toxins can be absorbed and removed by the charcoal up to 80% in three hours.

I personally use charcoal biscuits (mini or full size) with my dog whenever he has eaten something at the park that he shouldn’t and has very loose stools (often in the middle of the night).  I am talking about soft material that is NOT poisonous and will eventually pass through his body.

Sometimes these events are accompanied by vomiting small amounts of clear or yellowish bile. Bile is released into the dog’s stomach to aid digestion, but if they are sick and there is nothing left in the stomach, they can just vomit bile. In this situation I know that he hasn’t eaten poison and there are no organ issues involved, so using charcoal biscuits helps remove the excess acid and bile from their stomach and can help remove some of the toxins from their intestine, making their stools firmer and allowing them to sleep comfortably through the rest of the night.

As said, these biscuits are mainly made as a treat, and because they taste good to dogs, as a reward, but they are great just to have as a ‘reliever’ in case of upset stomachs/ loose stools when both you and your dog need a rest, helping them to get over bad ‘food’ quicker.

How chewy? If you would like to see our exclusive video of a dog eating these treats please click the link in the lower left column of this site (HDT dog treat videos)

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