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Charcoal Blackdog biscuit treat 5Kg

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Great for settling dog’s stomachs



Blackdog Charcoal Dog Biscuits – AUSTRALIAN Made

These biscuits are so respected in the dog community that they are sold in 200g, 1 Kg and these 5 Kg packs. Why buy a regular dog treat biscuit when you can get one that actually has medicinal value as well?  Charcoal has been well established for human consumption for helping with upset stomachs and reducing flatulence – and it does exactly the same for dogs.

These biscuits also help clean the teeth and reduce bad breath issues from your dog. Besides these amazing benefits, like all blackdog dog treat biscuits they also contain Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, antioxidants & garlic.

Out of all the blackdog biscuit range, this is the variety I as a raw feeder, most often give to my own dog.


Charcoal (regular size) Biscuit Approximate dimensions:  75 mm long x  37 mm widest x 15 mm deep, 20 grams weight

NOTE if you are after a mini version of this biscuit (9 grams) – we have them here:  Mini Charcoal biscuits.

Additional information

Weight5.1 kg
Dimensions38 × 19 × 21 cm