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‘Miracle’ healthy dog treats for older / mature dogs. shark cartilage, roo tendons, fish skins …


mature-dog Dog treats and dog food supplements

The typical things that almost every dog deals with when it gets older is “Behavioural changes”. These can range from anything like limited motion and pain from arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, disturbances to sleep,  as well as eye sight and hearing issues.

There are no miracle cures for these things but some natural chemicals have been found to assist prevention. In particular if you are an older dog and you have read the above information you will be aware that decreasing energy intake, keeping the protein the same or greater (and preferably meat protein) and possibly reducing fat (because of its energy value) as well as increasing fibre are the goals.

And that pretty much describes our animal based long chewing dog treats.

Several such treats are a direct match for an older dogs supplement: Shark Cartilage, roo tendons and fish skins. And here is why.

They are low fat, and the fat they have is typically the good fat, OMEGA 3.  They have relatively low energy values (in particular shark cartilage and fish skins) – because they are more about fibre and long chewing.

If your dog doesn’t have any chewing power then these treats can be a little problematic, but I know of a few 15 year old Chihuahuas who still enjoy a roo tendon that becomes an all day treat for them.  You can also cut the treats into smaller pieces so they dont miss outor add water

The Omega 3 in shark cartilage, kangaroo tendons and fish skins also assist reducing dog allergies in most dogs and support eye and brain maintenance

The reason why shark cartilage is particularly good for older dogs is that it NATURALLY contains:

  • glucosamine 
  • Omega 3
  • chondroitin

If you look up most dog joint support supplements you may find that many of them contain these three ingredients in processed tablet form.

WHY would you give your dog a tablet when it can get a natural dose in a healthy dog treat that it can also chew to keep teeth and gum health? And it can chew for a while fufiling a primal act and reducing the calories per hour it consumes?  The reason some people dont feed their dog natural (meat based) dog treats,  is that their dog’s teeth and jaws are in poor health through years of them not eating bones and meat … BUT in that case we have shark cartilage powder to add to your dogs food.  This powder is simply shark cartilage dried, and GROUND into powder – NOT ADDITIVES.

So if you want to give your dog a longer chewing, natural healthy dog treat that is low in energy, low in total fat, high in good fat (omega 3) and has joint support and pain relief properties … now you know that you can get that right on this site.

PS –  if your dog looks like it is suffering from dog dementia or you want to prevent it, we have quite a few good articles on this site about chemical supplements you can get at a fraction of the cost of pre-mixed brand name products. BUT we dont sell them here …

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