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Lamb Neck bones Dog Treats – as eaten by Shine the Rottweiler captured in a VIDEO

lamb neck dog treat

lamb neck dog treat The bone in question is a very tasty Lamb Neck dog treat.

The dog eating it is Shine the Rottweiler.

The reason Shine is eating it is that he loves it, and I want a demonstration video for my site!

However, the true value of the lamb neck is that it is a very multi-purpose bone suitable for many sized dogs. And has the most meat of almost any bone ever.

Lamb neck dog treat

Some people are squeamish about lamb necks, that is why the oven dried dog treat bone presents a much better option.

The lamb neck video

In this specific video, Shine has presented the lamb neck after eating a pork bone and a kangaroo bone. Even after his previous feast, he managed to eat the majority of the meat off the lamb neck in about the same time as he ate the whole pork bone.

I have speeded the middle of the video up by times three so as to make it a lot more concise to watch.

I always wondered about how a dog would eat such a bone, and it turns out that Shine eats it like a corn on the cob, nibbling along rows down to the bone until he exposes each vertebra.

There are many other reasons why you may want to try it, and here are a few:

Lamb bones for dogs are not a regular meat used on all manufactured dog foods. If it is used, it is usually in very small percentages with wheat, soy or rice making up the bulk of the can or bag of pellets.

In the wild dogs would eat a whole spectrum of different meats and their associated specific proteins. If you want to keep your dog healthy it is a good idea to allow it to eat as many different meat types as possible – hence enter the lamb neck bone option.

Not all dogs are big bone eaters. Many dogs have soft jaws for retrieving purposes, or they are small dogs or they are young or old dogs. The value of the lamb necks is that compared to many other bones it presents a lot of meat that can easily be broken off.

I keep seeing ads about how to brush a dog’s teeth or giving them some artificial green compressed vegetable rubbish with additives to make it tasty to the dog. In the wild dogs don’t have a lot of tooth decay because they eat bones. This is a very good reason why your dog should enjoy the bones too!

If you don’t want to feed your dog the whole lamb neck at once, that is easily solved as well. Lamb’s necks break into four or five smaller segments so you can choose exactly how much to give your dog. Also, you will note that these segments are cube-like, so unless your dog breaks a cube in half, they are very safe from the possibility of it splintering as some bones can do.

Bones are a big part of a true raw meat dog diet. They are necessary for their nutrients and keeping their stools solid. If you want to give a dog a taste of what it would eat in the wild, the lamb neck is often seen as a safe option.

If you are after a meal as well as something to chew, and something that can be broken down into smaller parts, something for small, young and old dogs, then the lamb neck could be the answer.

And of course lucky for you, you can order it right on this site.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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