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Healthy Natural dog treats (meat) or grain based dog treats, your choice.

Healthy dog treats max-dog.

Healthy dog treats max-dog. The free dictionary says propaganda is “information or ideas methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, movement, nation, etc.”

Unfortunately, history has shown that much propaganda has been created as intentional misinformation by those in charge, to make bad things the norm. To desensitise us.  To change our common belief systems from something that is natural and obvious so a lie becomes the norm.

And so it is with dog food and dog treats.

Isn’t NATURAL healthy dog food and dog treats obvious when you think about it?  Besides science and nutritionist and tests on bio-availability showing that dogs process meat much better and their systems are still based on processing meat, why do people still think its cool to mostly feed their dogs vegetables ????

Think about this, Vets who sell grain dog food might tell you that grain is good for dogs, but they will never tell you that meat is bad. They just don’t mention it. They don’t want you thinking about it – because they DONT SELL IT (or if they do they have a massive mark-up that you might not buy). They might say that raw meat is bad, but isn’t that curious considering that dogs evolved on raw meat then?

If you are a raw feeder and want to be ultra safe,  you can buy meat, freeze and use human grade raw meat within a few days of defrosting, it’s 100% safe.

You might wonder when did the general population become so ill-informed, so brainwashed that they just regurgitated the corporate line in dog food?  The grain is good?

The whole point that most people on dog treat forums miss is that most of the vegetables they mention are not poisonous to dogs, but they are also virtually no benefit besides maybe adding some vitamins and roughage. And since you want to get as much nutrition into your dog (for the total energy they are allowed to eat) you need to choose wisely in dog food and treats, why give wasted kilo-joules?

It seems many people on these homemade dogs treat forums, religiously feed their dog expensive pellet dry dog food or make it at home, and its all 70-80% grain or vegetables already. And this for an animal that evolved from a carnivore and has not had time to evolve its insides to the forced carb diet that many people feed their dogs.

In a logical, healthy world, the dog forums would be full of people swapping meat recipes with maybe a small garnish of vegetables. People seem to overfeed vegetables a treat because:

  • veggies and grain are cheap
  • They think their dogs are human (true omnivores)’
  • they don’t know how to safely process and store meat.

ONLY meat and animal products provide the nutrition, teeth cleaning etc that the dog’s teeth, jaw, stomach acid, short intestine etc evolved to process.  Feeding your dog MORE grains and vegetables on top of a mainly vegetarian diet just diminishes their immune system and quality of life.  This particularly becomes obvious in older age.

IF dog food makers didn’t crush, cook, boil, add oil, salt and sugar to their grain dog food or dog treats, NO DOG would voluntarily eat them.  VERY few dogs pass up raw or dried meat dog treats, except those who have never really known meat in their diet.

Don’t waste your money and risk your dog’s health, you know they deserve better .. they deserve meat.

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