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A Blue heeler x kelpie dogs caught in a VIDEO playing hard retrieving in the water

sidney gizmo lenny dogs

Oh the sweet irony. This is one of the more high energy dog videos I have taken. Some people might think that the energy level is too high or that a dangerous situation might occur. But knowing the dogs involved and their previous history reduced that fear before the play started.

One irony is that people don’t like seeing dogs run around excited. It raises fears about what they might do. If you are talking about a powerful dog that is not social, then you might be well advised to have caution. If you are talking about the three working dog breeds that have had a lot of previous history together such as these dogs, then you can relax.

Also note I only look after one of the three dogs in the video – the one that is watching and not ‘participating’.

It was also filmed under the supervision of the owners in an off lead dog park. YOu will see one of the owners throwing the ball ..

What you are seeing is the ideal situation of dogs burning energy. Getting rid of the excess energy that in the wild would be spent on a pack hunt. They are burning energy so they can sleep and home and not be bored. This is a big part of an off lead dog walk.

You should also know that this kind of frenzied play doesn’t happen every time I go to a dog park. many times dogs are happy to just meander around, socialise, sniff and try and roll in something smelly.

The major irony in this clip is the relationship between Gizmo and Sidney and what the third dog (a black dog called Lenny) is doing.

For a long time now Sidney (the border collie Kelpie Cross) has had an obsession with Gizmo (an intact blue heeler). Often this has been tolerated, but sometimes Gizmo doesn’t like so much the close ‘shadowing’. This is when either Gizmo or Sidney is restrained or has their obsessions broken. Then they are usually allowed to continue their ‘dance’.

You will see that Gizmo’s obsession is with a tennis ball (common for many working dogs).

The irony here is that for a long time Sidney has been maligned for his obsession with Gizmo. No obsession is healthy, but as Sidney does very little besides wanting to be near Gizmo it has been a good form of exercise for both dogs.

What this video shows is obsession turning potentially bad (by the third dog Lenny).

The irony being that for all the mis-directed blame Sidney has had (non neutered dogs rarely go well in off lead parks) … you will see the black lab cross kelpie in this video repeatedly nip Gizmo on the back of the neck while Gizmo is waiting for a ball to be thrown.

NOTE, I do not walk Gizmo or Lenny, so changing their behaviour was well and truly not my responsibility. I was amazed however, for how long Gizmo allowed this nipping of his neck to go on.  Typically  such dog closeness, let alone actual domination of Gizmo (the heeler) would result in a very stern dog warning, however, here Gizmo does absolutely nothing!

In this case it would appear that the blue heelers tolerance of this not so social behaviour (adult working dogs nip to keep sheep in line, not as part of regular social play with other dogs) is because he either sees Lenny as a great friend OR more likely he recognises Lenny to be superior to himself in pack order. Perhaps he is just so excited about the ball being thrown? But as he would not tolerate any other dog actually nipping him, something a more deeper level is going on here.

An intact male adult blue heeler at a park, showing dominance to many dogs allowing another working dog of similar size to dominate him is a rarity.

The fact that there is NO bad feedback from Gizmo the blue heeler dog being nipped is remarkable.

The great benefit for Sidney (the dog I walk) on this particular day was that he could stay moderately close to Gizmo and have no fear of being pushed away. Gizmo was too focussed on the ball and had Lenny to content with (or not contend with).

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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