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flake fillets dog treats, an eating guide – VIDEO

flake fillet dog treat

flake fillet dog treat

Exciting times as we are now able to provide fish (shark) products for dog treats.

This article looks at what makes fish fillets irresistible to most dogs, and why they are so good for your dog.

It also includes a video of Archie eating a fish fillet so you can get an idea of how easy they are to eat.

For one of the healthiest dog treats in existence, choose Aussie FLAKE!

The meat used is from the gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus, which is a shark in the Triakidae family. As you may be aware, Gummy shark meat is called “flake” and used extensively in fish and chip shops. And you will also be happy to note that Wikipedia says ” gummy sharks have not been overfished,”

Dog Treat Video Archie eating flake fillets

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Apologies for the dark lighting conditions, but to capture the spirit of Christmas, that is how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

What you will notice, and what surprised me, is that for my 20 kg five year old spoodle/ cockapoo, it took considerable chewing time to eat each fillet. In fact, there is only one fillet eaten in this video.

So if you are curious about how long it might take your dog to eat a flake fillet  .. then this is the video for you …

If you wonder what goes into such an animal – then you will be happy to know that It feeds on crustaceans, marine worms, small fish & cephalopods.

BLACKDOG also states that in this fish dog treat product Is 100% shark muscle meat. Derived from Gummy shark. ALSO “Blackdog does not specifically farm or cull the shark population to obtain its products. Our raw materials are taken from authorised fisheries, which are contracted to harvest, under restricted quota, gummy shark for the human consumption market. Blackdog obtains its materials from the product that would otherwise be discarded and disposed of, and in no way supplements ingredients for the same purposes.”


You may be wondering what’s in Gummy sharks, so I have researched that for you here too

“Fish, and more specifically sharks, are known to have lipids of high nutritional value. Fish meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 FA), with deep sea fish having a particularly good ratio of n-6 to n-3 – FAs (Økland et al., 2005). The recommended maximum for the n-6:n-3 fatty acid ratio is 4 as specified by the Department of Health of the United Kingdom (UK).  Fish oils, in general, contain about 15 – 40% (of total fatty acids weight) saturated fatty acids, with the main saturated fatty acid being palmitic acid (C16:0) with myristeric acid (14:0) and stearic acid (18:0) occurring in small amounts (Tsuchiya, 1961). The fatty acid, n-tetracosanoic acid (C24:0), has also been detected in shark liver oils (Jacquot, 1961).”  Ref  1

What this means is that fish (and sharks) are particularly good for humans. If you are concerned about heavy metal issues, then rest assured that these sharks are caught for human consumption in Australia, and if they are suitable for humans, they typically will pass dog food/ dog treat tests.

Nutritional analysis Flake/ Gummy Shark

Proximate Mean %
Moisture 75.31
Protein 23.08
Lipids 1.53
Ash 1.36


Differences in muscle extractives between cod and shark species (Huss, 1988)

mg per 100 g, wet weight

Cod Shark
Total free amino acids 75 100
Arginine <10 <10
Glycine 20 20
Glutamic <10 <10
Histidine <1.0 <1.0
Proline <1.0 <1.0
TMAO 350 500
Urea 0 2000


Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference at our WEBSITE.

If you would like to view the world of a dog walker and get a healthy dog treat specials then please LIKE HDT on Facebook


Ref 1  Investigation of the chemical composition and nutritional value of smoothhound shark (Mustelus mustelus) meat     Adina Cornelia Bosch University of Stellenbosch  March 2012

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