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Rottweiler x kelpie fun play @ Aussie beach caught in a VIDEO

Louie & sidney dogs playing

The first thing to say about this video is that these are all social dogs rottweiler x kelpie in a familiar off lead situation.

Play is a natural part of a healthy dog’s life. Play is about sorting out their position in the pack.

Puppies tend to play more than older dogs as they are learning what strategies to use, and they have less fear of being seriously hurt by another dog. They also tend to be curious and have a lot of energy.

This video shows Louie (under one year old) a rottie cross, playing with Sidney a Kelpie X border collie.

Louie is one of the more unique dogs I have ever walked as a pro dog walker.  He is fearless but getting better at what dogs actually want to play. Though he is very mischievous and will often pick more defenceless dogs to try his puppy play on. When he does this I move him on.

That is why it was great to film this video showing him playing hard with Sidney. For Sidney is a special case too. Sidney has a dog obsession but not just any dog. Sidney prefers to find working dogs to bark at and stay within lose proximity with. He loves to chase but apart from this does not usually engage a dog in physical contact.

Sidney’s main selection criteria for picking aog to follow appears to be that the dog must have high energy. He doesn’t care if this is fun energy, dominant, submissive, aggressive or timid energy, but he requires it to be high.

This means that both dogs are very social and they are getting their very specific needs met. Louie loves to be chased and played hard with, Sidney loves to chase and stick by high energy dogs. Clearly Louie is not of a similar size nor is he a working dog, but he is the highest energy dog tempting Sidney to chase and play, so they both get their wishes.

The massive benefit fro their owners when this happens is that both dogs come home exhausted having burned off their very high energy reserves. Without this kind of hard play the dogs would be bored/ frustrated/ barking and trying to get out of their homes.

This kind of play is one of the more fun expressions a dog walker can witness. As you can see the other dogs don’t particularly want to get in the way, and they are very happy that Louie is otherwise engaged, taking the pressure off them having to play hard with the rather boisterous puppy.

This is what it is to be social, this is what it is to have fun off the lead.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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