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Louie dog plays reindeer with makeshift park wood

Louie rottweiler X carrying wood

Louie rottweiler X carrying wood It will soon be one of Louie’s last walks with us as his owners move suburb, so I thought I better get some news about him out there before that happens.

For anyone who has followed his antics on my facebook page, you will know that he loves getting Apache the staffy to chase him, then he moves onto making other dogs join in the play. But this whole wood carrying thing is very different.

I have talked to some owners about why their dogs carry wood and it seems either a possessive/obsessive thing, a comforter or that they are feeling better at doing a job for their owner.

If you talk to English Staffordshire terrier owners, you may hear about some prodigious log carrying feats from their beloved staffies. That tack seems most likely akin to doing farm work that they may have had bred into them.

Louie however is a mixed breed which is said to contain a large percentage of Rottweiler.  Whether or not the DNA tests show in his behaviour is questionable, but rotties have been known to enjoy carrying large objects in their mouths.

Louie seems to do it mostly when he has had some frantic play with Apache and wants to cool the play down. If he has gotten puffed or hot, he will often seek out a large branch and carry it slightly away from the pack. He loves to guard this, but also allows the staffy to grab an end if necessary.

Louie dog has grabbed small pieces of man-cut wood, small logs, long branches and anything in between.

I just thought how topical only a few weeks out from Christmas 2014 that Louie should do something that makes him look far more reindeer than he has ever looked before.

Does your dog enjoy carrying antying around for a purpose?

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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