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Dog treats online = quality brand, Cheap & dog eating videos

Dog Treats online healthy dogs

Dog Treats online healthy dogs dog treats online are my favourite

Since this is my very own blog, I thought I might as well write about what is going on in my life, and my dog treat life.

Unlike retail store owners who often sell everything under the sun, and may not even own the store, I am 100% committed to making my customers and their dogs happy. This also means Only selling them healthy dog treats that are based on meat.


Dog treats online – But how can I tell what they will be like

This is often the concern of the internet shopper. People buy shoes, clothes and all manner of things online and until now are still sometimes concerned with purchasing food and dog treats online.

To allay your fears I stock from well known brands (mainly blackdog)  and to ensure freshness (more so than most retail stores) we don’t stock 5 or 10 brands which will have a lot of product sitting on the shelf for a long time. 

AND for most bulk packs we order in ‘just in time’ direct from the manufacturer. Yes it takes a little longer to get to the customer, but they are assured of freshness.

Dog treats online healthy dog eating videos

The other thing people have concern with (sometimes) is texture or how big the dog treat will be. How good is the chewing going to be?

I have pretty much solved that problem by videoing my dog  (and other larger dogs when the treat was too hard to chew for my spoodle) eating our dog treats.

Yes, almost every product in the range (except for very obvious ones like yoghurt drops and carob, are video-ed as my dog consumes them, generally in pleasant surroundings like the Williamstown back-beach.

This means you can get a better understanding of the size of the dog treat, and how long it takes to eat for a spoodle. A good benchmark as he is 20 kg but has a soft retriever jaw. This means you can gauge how your dog is likely to go with eating the same treat (if it is smaller or a larger dog or has softer or stronger jaws.

I do this because I am 100% involved with my products and trust their quality for my dog to consume several serves at once (and get dieted for the rest of the day).

Very few other online dog treat stores can bother with this level of detail and care. They are just after moving stock and making big profits, the opposite of what our store is about.

So next time you go to buy your dog treats in a physical store on online – please consider what brand you are buying, if they are healthy (meat based) and how much care the person behind the counter has in your dog’s health and your pocket.


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