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Chicken BARS dog treat eating guide by Archie & Healthy Dog Treats

dog eating chicken bar dog treat

dog eating chicken bar dog treat Chicken bars are a very economical HIGH percentage chicken dog treat. A lot of people like little bite sized dog treats and rather than have just more grain, this one has 80% meat.

Chicken bars are a very similar Chicken Crinkles that we still sell (2016). The ingredients list is shown below  and as you will see there are very few additives.

Road testing Chicken bars – the video

The video below shows Archie eating Chicken bars.

As you will see the chicken bars are surprisingly chewy – mostly because they are so high in meat, not just wheat.

The other big thing about these dog treat bars is that you get five in a pack. They are each individually wrapped, and even though they are very chewy they are easy enough for you to break into smaller pieces as required.

by chicken dog treats - chicken skewers buy bulk chicken liver dog treats


Many dog treats are either extremely soft and present no challenge to a dog or are far too hard for the average dog. This chicken based dog treats toe the line between the extremes. Even though they can easily be ripped by a human, their chewiness means a reasonably long chew time, for any dog that can’t fit the whole bar in its mouth.

Chicken BAR ingredient and content analysis

Typical analysis: Protein 19%, fat 10%, salt 1.9%, fibre 0.3% 

Ingredients:  Chicken meat, Wheat flour, water, sugar, salt, Potassium Sorbate, colour (124)

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