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Blackdog dog treats, why they are healthy and why you should buy from our store

Blackdog Chicken Crinkles dog treat

Blackdog Chicken Crinkles dog treat I have noticed lately that some super stores are dumping Blackdog treats, dirt cheap. These might be old stock, but more often than not, they are the ONE treat out of the entire range that they discount to near cost to put as a Google advert when you search for dog treats.

Some large PET corporations will sell everything under the sun, stuff that I would never recommend you use for a pet or that I would ever sell. THAT is one of the big differences between my store and a corporation.

Why we sell blackdog dog treats and why we are better

The other point is that I mostly sell the black dog, with a few of the bulk items from other local suppliers to ensure you get Freshness. If you buy from a large chain store that sells everything under the sun, there is a good chance they are buying a lot of their products in bulk and storing it, not necessarily under ideal conditions. This doesn’t mean that the dog treats will necessarily be dangerous but they might be a bit drier or older and not as healthy and tasty for your dog.

Some people buying from my store have concerns that the treats might take up to 10 days to reach them – I personally don’t mind when I buy something on line and am ensured of its integrity and safety when I receive it.

The reason that a product I sell might be delayed to you (about the same if not faster than other online stores anyway) is that I don’t keep a lot of bulk dog treats lying around gathering dust and getting heat damage. I only locally stock fast moving dog treats to ensure that you get the safest and best dog treats you can get.

The other point is that Australia Post is reportedly going through a bit of a shake-up regarding their logistics an delivery times. Sometimes I have sent personal parcels between Melbourne and Sydney that take almost two weeks!   If you read the fine print on almost any dog treat site you will see that they state a delivery time of between 2 and 10 WORKING DAYS –  We have had to make that our policy too, because of delivery times DIRECT from the manufacturer, and uncertain delivery practices of the couriers and Australian post.

At the end of your dogs day, you want to ensure you are getting the best service possible (you only speak to one person here) and that your issue will be resolved (not caught up in red tape).  You want the full range of dog treats, at nearest to the lowest price on the internet that every other benefit kind of makes saving ten cents irrelevant.

We don’t sell dog shot collars, fancy knitted dog vests and dog toys that break within an hour of your dog playing with them. We stick to our mission of making every dog that eats our treats healthier AND happier, same as our clients.

If you are looking to buy from someone who stands by their word and delivers the best (literally) healthy dog treats to you, then we are your business for 2016!


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