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Greatest Dog Training Treats in Australia !

best dog training-treats

Dog Training Treats – AUSTRALIAN BEST

If you train dogs for a living, you might just keep with the old standard, beef liver.  But we know there are quite a few other dried treats that plenty of people have used with great success.

Depending on your dog size and their ability to swallow treats whole, will depend on what you consider to be a perfect dog training treat.  This category includes the standard disclaimer that you should use the specific product images and/or videos on this site to work out what you consider to be your ideal dog training treat !

Some people only want to use whole treats out of the packet, but we also meet plenty of people who are happy to buy soft long treats like our meat stick range, and just slice thin discs off it as needed before they go for any walk.  Slicing as needed and keeping the rest of the stick in the pantry will ensure it stays soft for quick chewing.

Buy best dog training treats - beef puffBuy best dog training treats- beef sticks x 25

What makes the perfect dog training treat?

Some trainers will say that it has to be small and quickly eaten, with minimum chomps, but others believe anywhere between 2 and 5 chews is ideal.  From a dog cognition point of view, there is a known process where most breeds of dogs take a couple of seconds after they have been praised and begin eating a treat, to put together the connection between the recall, praise and treat.

Eating a treat in one gulp will often miss this important time delay and can even have a dog grabbing and running and swallowing without hesitating to stay in front of you and get the full effect of the reward.  That might mean that the positive effect of this positive reinforcement is diluted.  It is a lost opportunity. Yes the dog got the rewarded, but it might think it got away with something rather than being rewarded for doing a good thing.

So, to take into account this cognitive delay, we see that some of these treats, the slightly larger or ones you need to slice yourself, might actually be of greater benefit than the one gulp treats for dog training.   Anyway, here is a fine selection for you to choose from, and note yes, the soft meat sticks all require slicing into discs …  if you want to precisely control the amount of each training reward.

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