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Beef CUBES DOG TREATS, quick & easy 100% BEEF & how to eat them – VIDEO

dog eating beef cubes

dog eating beef cubes Beef cubes retain a special place in the dog treat array, and for good reason. They are the lightest easiest to eat 100% beef treat we sell.

You may be asking yourself how they get them to be so light and airy, and why they are such a Healthy Dog Treats …  all good questions answered later in this article.

Elsewhere on this site is ample evidence that meat is the only food that a carnivore dog should eat. Many owners do not follow this rule for one reason or another, but that doesn’t stop you feeding your dog all meat dog treats?

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On a raw diet, the rules are that a dog should eat about 80% meat and 20% bones and offal
. Again offal preparation is something that not everyone wants to do. So perhaps Beef cubes are the perfect solution for you?

Firstly you will see that beef cubes are sold in 80 g packets (and one-kilo bulk bags) but back to the original question about how the manufacturers get the meat to be so light and airy package … or a texture lighter than a ‘violet crumble’ human treat? All of the answers lie in this treat actually being cow lung.

This amazing treat has many things in its favor. Firstly it is 100% beef, no additives, so you get an expensive input food (meat not grain) at a very similar price to many fake supermarket treats. Secondly, cow lung is naturally light and airy because of its natural membrane structure, all they need to do is dry the moisture out of the meat.

The value in providing another offal dog treat – is that if you are tired of only feeding your dog dried liver rewards as its only offal dog treat, then here is perfectly easy to give offal treat, that keeps your hands clean! If you overfeed your dog liver, its high iron content can give them diarrhea and other health concerns. Not so with beef cubes!

In the VIDEO you will see my healthy five year old 20 kg cockapoo/ spoodle going through several courses of these excellent dog treats.  This video not only shows you how delicious my dog finds them, but how quickly they can be eaten, so they are suitable for dogs of all ages even with soft jaws, like my dog.

If you aren’t convinced of the suitability for an exciting (explodes in their mouth) healthy fast dog treats, then have a look at the video on this page.

Then all you need to do is register on this site, select and pay for Beef Cubes (found on the top right column under Beef Dog Treats, or BULK Beef Dog Treats.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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