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A little story about HEALTHY dog treats and what competitors hide from you

healthy dog

healthy dog Humans often don’t eat a lot of truly healthy food as their staple diet. Much of the over manufactured, over processed, non raw foods are rarely   ‘healthy’ for us.  Rarely are they in any kind of quantity, and sometimes they go off in a day or so.

But we are proud to purchase Healthy food, because its supposed to make us fit and happy, even if it tastes ordinary …

What do most people expect healthy human food to taste like, when we haven’t regularly eaten it. We probably think of non tasty wheat grass concoctions. Things we are forced to eat in the attempt to lose weight. That is why most things healthy are expected not to taste good to us humans, right?


So what do you think healthy dog treats are?

 An average dog will eat a lot of grain in its life. It will have the most unnatural ‘dog food’ in its life from dog food manufacturers saving money on putting little meat in the pellet or wet food can.

A can of Premium dog food is likely to have more unnecessary vegetables in it than any meat. it will have herbs and spices, but no more meat. The kicker is that MEAT based dog treats taste brilliant to almost every dog (regardless of how many grains they have had in their life and how little meat) and the meat is actually HEALTHIEST for a dog.

 The problem is because most people don’t know that dogs originally ate meat, and need a lot of meat in their diet, they have no idea that it should also be in their dog treats.

So if people are fooled into thinking that a bunch of carrots and broccoli is healthy for dog food (because it is for omnivore humans) then they are likely to be fooled that it is also good for dogs (carnivores).

If you find any packet of dog treats and it has healthy or premium on the pack – just make sure that it is near 100% meat.  The point is that labelling laws in Australia mean that dog treat makers dont have to say what percentage of any specific ingredient is in their treats, just the order. And like dog food,  there are trick with how they layer the percentage of ingredients, and the difference between prime meat, meat meal and meat by-products.

True healthy dog treats usually dont have a vast array of non understandable ingredients and chemical names and numbers. They are meat based and with a little preservative can last a long time.

Did you know that 100% meat dog treats such as beef, roo and chicken dont actually need preservative and dont have them.  If you are concerned about preservatives you wouldn’t feed your dog manufactured dog food, but if you are and you are concerned about the type of treats you feed your dog, you will most likely go for the  100% meat jerkies …


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