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Why ‘regular’ dogs benefit profoundly from meat based dog treats

Happy Healthy Dog Treat fed dogs

Happy Healthy Dog Treat fed dogs Typically I am told NOT to advertise my treats as “meat” based because it’s not sexy and people don’t get that dogs need meat.

In some kind of bizzaro universe, people are now convinced that dogs evolved on grain, and meat should only be given in moderation. Every bit of real science shows that the opposite is true, but really how much benefit can one dog get?

Why feed a dog expensive treats when they aren’t a show dog?

I am regularly amazed at how much money people spend on going out, or buying their dogs a regular grooming session or a $400 dog bed made of $10 stuffing.

The thing is, that if a person isn’t religiously looking after their own nutrition health if we have too many treats ourselves, we often think we are doing the best for our dogs by restricting their treat intake. AND If it’s garden variety supermarket treats full of grain or fat, or anything but quality meat, then that makes sense.


And here is the truth that you should know about treats and show dogs, hunting dogs, and your dog.

‘Show dogs’ often get the ‘top’ commercial dog food.  Sure it’s still probably 60% grain at least, but it will be overloaded with artificial vitamins and often non natural minerals, which may get them over the line for health, for a while.

Hunting dogs might be allowed to share some of the spoil of their hunt. They will get good exercise, and good hunter humans maintain their dog’s health at vets. The main bonus is that they get MEAT more often in their main food diets.


If your dog isn’t given regular off lead dog walks to expel waste products more efficiently from their bodies, they will keep them in their body increasing a toxic load.  That is not ideal, but its part of the reason why they need meat based dog treats even more!

If your dog is fed regular commercial dog food, not a balanced raw meat diet, then it will be getting second grade protein from grain and vegetables that are not bio-available or suitable for their carnivore digestive system.

They won’t have the essential amino acid building blocks, in an accessible form, for them to maintain and repair their body unless they over-eat to make up for the inefficiencies in providing non meat food.

If your dog is not hunting its food (like dog ratters on farms, or retrievers in ponds, or pig dogs in Queensland) then you are unlikely to be supplying fresh raw meat regularly to your dog.

This is why regular Australian pets in urban and regional regions, need meat based dog treats even more than ever.

There are many tricks like extra oil in dog food to make glowing dog coats that disguise the true healthy going on inside of your dog. Don’t be fooled, don’t take the risk.

We know that most people will not switch from commercial dog food onto a raw meat diet, And to do so properly you need an understanding of balancing meat, offal, and bones to get the most out of a raw diet.

So that is why we always recommend for primal dog urges, making up the meat deficient, and boosting their essential amino acids (from species appropriate meat sources) that our meat healthy dog treats are vital for your dog’s health.

Even the minerals within the meat are NATURAL minerals in natural form.

You don’t need to read the ‘story’ on your dog food packet about how clever their chemist is at replicating real dog ‘food‘  that you are feeding your dog to understand true dog nutrition.

BUT if you have any doubts about their profit motives (and meat deficit), you owe it to yourself and your dog to feed meat based dog treats from companies like ours.

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