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Jack russell x blue heeler very infatuated, caught in a VIDEO

jack russell blue heeler in love

jack russell blue heeler in love The most remarkable thing about this video is that previous to this, these two dogs has completely ignored each other. The black one is jack russell x blue heeler is the other one.

The blue heeler is usually ball obsessed, while the jack russell mostly enjoys being patted or hunting vermin.

Till the jack russell is extremely social with all dogs and people, while the blue heeler was mostly not that playful. A big part of this is due to it still not being fixed, and so attracting many other male dogs around it, highly interested in the hormones it was regularly putting out. The blue heeler was not overly aggressive, however it often lost patience with dogs that ‘got in its way’.

This blue heeler started out quite social and even submissive on occasions as a puppy, however over reliance on ball fetching and maturing of the working dog have changed its disposition considerably.

And that is why everyone who knows these dogs were so amazed at such a social small dog of a different breed and the much larger working dog, being so ‘interested’ in each other.

tilly and blue heeler The other remarkable thing is that it hasn’t happened since.  Neither dogs have showed any particular mating interest in any other dog.  It looks like the hormones where just right on the day, and so I am glad I filmed such a tender short courtship ..

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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