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Goat Horn, a fancy dog occupier great .. with bone marrow surprise in the centre …

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Goat Horn Medium– Single Ingredient AUSTRALIAN Long-Lasting Dog Treat.

The question you might have is why would you buy a hard dog chew toy, when your dog can have a much more enjoyable experience chewing a hard treat? That is where the goat horn dog treat comes in!

Our Australian Goat horns are 100% single ingredient with no preservatives – because when properly dried, they don’t need any to last a long time – in pantry conditions.

While smaller bones like roo ribs or even roo tendons are a great nutrition and teeth cleaning aid, the main purpose of goat horn, is as an occupier treat. They don’t have to actually eat a lot or any to get enjoyment out of it.  But it also provides a great opportunity to clean their teeth.

HOW BIG is the Medium goat horn?

Being a natural product the horns in any one shipment can vary greatly. These horns are classed as a medium size. They typically range in length from 14 – 19 cm.  The bigger horns have the head end range in size from 3 by 5 cm eclipses, while the smaller horns opening are obviously smaller.

Packs of ten typically range in weight from 550 to 700 grams.  Because of the variance in size between the horns, we aim to select the average size horn when people by a sing horn, and a pack of five might include two bigger horns and three smaller horns – but always packed fairly so that the overall weight is close to the average horn weight  multiplied by the number of horns in the pack.

Goat Horn Dog Treat Nutrition

Goat horns essentially come in three layers.  The outer layer we see with the ridges is Keratin (the building block of claws, hooves and hair).  The next layer is bone, while the inner layer is Marrow – just like in a traditional bone.

The difference for dog chewing is that unlike load bearing leg bones, goat horns bones do not have to be that structurally strong. So even if your dog eats through the keratin layer, the bone should be softer on their teeth than a traditional bone.

Because Keratin not very digestible, or fermentable like some fibres, it will mostly act like a non digestible fibre, it can help clean the intestine, but wont add any calories. Instead keratin will just pass clean through their digestive tract.

Meanwhile dogs can digest bone somewhat. Bone is mostly made up of equal parts calcium and phosphorous that all dogs need in their diet, so depending on their stomach acid will decide how much of the bone is digested and how much passes right through – but again this won’t add to their energy intake.

There is a small amount of marrow inside of the bone, inside the horn – but this is the part that mostly gives the horn its odour, and is the exciting and nutritionally (energy packed) part of the treat that most dogs bother ripping the treats apart to access.

Unless your dog is a huge chewing beast, they are very unlikely to easily break a goats horn down – unlike medium sized ONLY bones that some dogs readily break – this means for many medium and small dogs the goat horn is even a safer option.

The main value of the goat horn is an occupier treat, plus something that can help clean their teeth. If you know your dog isn’t going to break it open, then you will also know that it has a very low hazard value to them.

Nutrition approximate values

  • Crude Protein (Min.) 35%
  • Crude Fat (Min.) 1%
  • Crude Fibre (Max.) 2%

Again, noting that these treats are sold as an occupier treat, and if your dog doesn’t get to the marrow, then they will eat no fat.

Always supervise your dogs eating treats.  If you are at all concerned with the suitability of these treats for your specific dog please consult your vet.

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