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Glucosabics 1 kg

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Biscuit with glucosamine for health!



Glucosabics Dog Biscuit (made in Australia by BLACKDOG)

… are touted as one of the most healthy dog biscuits on the market.

The contain glucosamine which has been found to be “an aid in the treatment of hip and joint pain in dog”.

The Glucosabics dog treat Biscuit includes 130mg of glucosamine in EACH biscuit which is also said to help in osteoarthritis and inflammation caused by joint pain.

They also include flax seed meal (omega 3 and 6) and vitamins and minerals.

Glucosabics dog Biscuit are made specifically to be low in fat (3.5%), so that your dog can keep its weight down while receiving the glucosamine benefits. The number of healthy dog biscuits your dog requires is based on its weight but varies between one biscuit per day for dogs under 5 kg up to four biscuits for dogs larger than 25 kg. Detailed Instructions are included in the packs.


Additional information

Weight 1.51 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm