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Jumbo Pork Roll DOG TREAT half eaten by Shine the Rottweiler – VIDEO

jumbo pork roll dog treat

jumbo pork roll dog treat The jumbo pork roll sounds imposing, and it is.

It is essentially two layers of pork hide wrapped into a tight cylinder shape. For those dogs that easily dispose of pigs ears, then this is the ONLY SOLUTION.

Shine the Rottweiler gave it a good shot at eating it, but even he needed it to be unwrapped to get easy purchase on it in the short term.

This is not to say that the dog treat is impossible to eat. Quite the contrary as you will see (with the help of x4 speeded up video that Shine does get to chew and eat quite a bit of the jumbo pork roll.

Blackdog Jumbo pork roll video V Shine the Rottweiler

Even after the roll was particularly dismantled, shine needed his owner to separate out the two pieces so he could really get into eating it.

You will see it really gives him a work out in figuring out the best holding position as well as in a jaw work out.

Because the sheets are relatively soft, even smaller dogs of less jaw pressure can easily tackle this treat too. Not necessarily puppies. old dogs or very weak jawed dogs, but its size means that it will provide a lot of entertainment (and food) to many breeds of dogs.

During the video three people were constantly standing around Shine eating the treat. You will see that he rarely looks up with a strong focus on the dog treat at his paw.

With an elapsed time of nearly 18 minutes and most of the treat being unravelled by the owner, shine still has well over half the treat to go. It is a safe bet that for most dogs, that this jumbo pork roll will last much of the day while their owners are at work.

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