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Can dogs eat squid jerky? YES THEY CAN.

archie squid dog treat eating

Running a healthy dog treat store for the last 12 years, writing many technical blogs on the high value of meat for protein content alone for dogs (mostly on a high veg diet) – its amusing/ confounding that some of the highest queries on google are all about how safe is meat for a dog.

Very rarely do people ask if grain or vegetables are safe, or even good, let alone necessary for dogs – yet questions like  “can dogs eat squid jerky” regularly come up !

The only reason that we don’t regularly have squid jerky in stock is the suppliers, and lack of owners knowing the benefits.

We have written a lot of nutrition detail in the actual squid jerky page so little point in cutting and pasting that all again here

Suffice to know that fish dog treats are organic, high in Omega 3 , and ones of the highest digestible foods that a dog can eat.

What extra dose squid jerky provide ANY dog?

Yes, the vast amount of dogs have a protein deficient compared to what they would get in the wild.  Dog food only requires a minimum of 18% protein, from any source, and when those sources are NOT meat or offal, they are not as digestible and so a dog cant se them as part of the lowly 18%.

But more than that, more than the HIGH OMEGA 3, and varied amino acid profile that squid provides it’s a unique, incredibly fun treat for dogs to eat

That is, because unlike high processed vegetable matter treats like green dental sticks and the like, squid jerky naturally comes flattened into thin very rubbery ALL 100% MEAT sheets of high textured fun.

To prove the point that any dog can eat squid jerky, here is Archie at 15 years of age, ripping some apart

Because they are whole squid, cut into pieces, the pieces in our dog treats have natural integrity NOT hard to eat, but they provide a little resistance to shredding that has most dogs put their paw on it, as they rip of small pieces.

Here’s another fun fact. As my 15 year old spoodle has aged, he has become much more particular about the food he will eat, even the meat based dog treats. He still loves the dog training treat, but almost never refuses a thin strip of squid jerky.  It’s a primal sensation ripping the meat apart, but more than that, the natural SMELL really piques his interest.

Dogs have an incredible smelling sense and crave meat and offal based items No matter the age of a – dog, the squid smell (while not incredibly strong to humans) – is complete bliss for dogs.

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