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Kangaroo stick dog treat, VIDEO of how to eat them.

Dog eating roo stick

Dog eating roo stick This is a video of my dog Archie eating the world famous black dog roo stick. I sell these great dog treats online on the store on this site.

This is the first in the series of ‘instructional dog treat eating’ videos. So often people ask me about what is in the roo stick, what is the kangaroo stick most useful for etc. Well here are the answers.

Please note that currenly (Oct 2014) The kangaroo sticks in the regular six pack remain approximately the same size as shown in the video, however the bulk packs have 35 sticks approximately DOUBLE the length.

The roo stick is mostly kangaroo with some binding agents to hold it all together.

The reason that I regularly feed my dog Archie roo sticks is that kangaroo is good for dogs. but my dog won’t eat it in raw meat, mincemeat or cooked form. Probably because we did not introduce this meat to him when he was young, and subsequent tries have failed.

Kanga-Roo meat is great for dogs as it is inherently low in fat, and this version has no added salt or sugars. I think the reason that my fussy poodle/ cockapoo likes it so much is that it is so natural, easy to eat, and because it is a dried dog treat, the smell (of this condensed meat dog treat – ie water extracted) is very strong to his highly sensitive nose, but not distasteful to humans.


So what better way to show the shape, form, colour extra of a dog treat than show a dog eating the product? In this case, I show him eating three sticks sequentially with a nice bay backdrop.

I increased the speed of the video midway between each stick so that you would not fall asleep. I also show the elapsed time at the end of the video. So for a 20 kg Spoodle, the sticks take a little over 2 minutes each to consume.


Feeding a dog different meats also helps boost a dog’s immunity. The more varied meats you can feed a dog, the more it will have a diet similar to that it would have in the wild, and each meat presents a slightly different protein mix, that the dog can utilise in its body.

These roo sticks also happen to be the softest form of dog treat that I sell. This means they are good for a quick snack, and very good for young or old dogs that have chewing issues.

You will also find these treats exceptional value, as there are six of the big sticks in the pack.

Note that these sticks while called Dog Treats actually have more meat in them than most dog food (wet or dry) meaning that they provide a better source of nutrients than most dog foods. While this is my opinion, the ingredient facts, and high meat percentage inherently make the statement correct.

If you are interested in buying a soft low fat, high meat percentage kangaroo treat for your dog, then this is the ideal solution for you. You will also find that the thin ‘sausage meat’ cover means that they can keep your hands clean while handling them.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the link

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