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Why we at Healthy Dog Treats are so on trend for 2017, Pt 2

dog treat trends 2017

dog treat trends 2017 A recent America dog treat trend article suggested eleven trends within the industry. In this article we review the last five trends.

Transparency – dog treat labelling

“Consumers will continue to demand transparency, which will lead to the increased use of certified ingredients. A long list of low/no/reduced claims won’t be sufficient anymore to reassure pet parents who expect more transparency and simplicity.” Ref.

And the point you should consider is that you have almost 100% in control over the major food your dog eats. They might eat ‘bad stuff’ in the dog park, but that should not make up a major part of their diet.

So if you were really concerned with transparency and single ingredient food etc,  you would probably be feeding your dog on a raw diet you prepare and know exactly about. Because this takes time effort and sometimes more money, as well as an understating on how to create a fully balanced dog food, many people shy away from this endeavour.

That is why we offer our 100% meat and offal dog treat range as the ideal dog food supplement. You are not adding any additives to your dog’s food, you are just adding sorely needed meat proteins.

Because our jerkies etc are 100% meat you can see the natural grain in the meat. There is nothing added to glue them together, that is about as obvious and ‘transparent’ as it gets.

Dog Treat Packaging innovation

 “Overall, I think that increased focus on well-designed packaging will continue to be a big trend… Old norms are getting thrown out of the window and break-through packaging stories are being told.” Ref.

OK, I am not sure how many people in Australia fall for this, but of course, that’s why the advertising executives are paid the big bucks and why they run expensive focus groups.

I am sorry to disappoint anyone who has bought our product and expected 4k resolution or a 3D hologram of some amazingly cute dog, doing something amazing. We prefer to just put the most pure, most perfect, most undiluted dog treats in plastic bags (to preserve their freshness) and stick a label on them.  How old world, hey?

We concentrate on getting the dog treats to you fast, not on those focus groups.  We hope you understand that we are devoted to making your dogs healthy, and both of you happy, not the packaging!

Humanization of dog treats

“The gap between pet food and human food will continue to narrow as pet owners value pet nutrition as high as their own needs.”

Curiously our dog treats are so healthy, we are waiting for the human food to narrow the gap on our dog treats!

Health focus in dog treats

“Nutrition will be more holistic, a way to provide an answer to lifestyle and changes associated with aging. Pet food manufacturers will be introducing variants to address different aspects of pet health; e.g., cognitive nutrition, anti-inflammatory nutrition, lifestyle nutrition and so forth.” Ref

Clearly they haven’t seen the first word in our company name and it is the core of what we do.

We already have provided the science and the explanation of various of our dog treats that assist with ageing like shark cartilageOmega 3 (from animal sources) also plays a massive role in dog health.  The fact is, that every stage of life for a dog requires a big meat protein injection for maximising bioavailability (so your dog can utilise what it is fed without effort or waste).  Only if you own a dog that can’t have protein (very rare) should you not consider our wares.

Superfoods and dog treats, really?

“Already mainstream in the human diet, nutrient-packed superfoods like pumpkin, kale, chia, sweet potato, kelp, broccoli, carrots, apples and local raw honey will ramp up in pet foods, treats and additives.”

Just like much of human food now concentrates on raw vegetables and clean meat sources as superfoods (for omnivores – like humans).  We realise that MEAT is the superfood for dogs (carnivores).

Many dog food companies spend millions of dollars on creating science papers and advertising to fool owners into believing that carbs (grains or veggies) are vital for dogs, but they are completely redundant.

Have you ever noticed that none of them make a case AGAINST meat?  They need meat to make up the short fall in protein minimum levels that affco organisation mandate are required to be labelled as dog food.  So it would be counter-productive to make meat the villain. And if meat wasn’t so expensive to harvest, your dog would be eating a meat based dog food diet again. Grain and veggies would be so out of favour.

The point is that in commercial dog food, the cheapest ingredient always wins, so the companies will always try to convince you that grain and veggies are just as good as meat.

If you fall prey to any of this false advertising then they win and your dog loses.

There are so many meat based dog treats that we sell, that you have a massive selection of options to choose from without falling prey to big business propaganda. Let’s keep the words ‘superfood’ as the funny anachronism that died in 2017, and we were all so glad that we saw the light and fed our dogs more meat, the natural, proper food.


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