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Why watching a dog eat natural and healthy treats is cathartic

Bull terrier puppy treat lover

Bull terrier puppy treat lover People, who love their dogs tend to give their dogs right?  And all of those owners are surely doing their best when it comes to providing proper nutrition, but how do we get it right?

For the vast majority of people who feed their dog’s factory dog food (wet or dry) it’s all about grain or potato in their pellets or cans.  The minority of always going to be ‘expensive’ meat.  Yet we pay a lot of money for “premium” pellets and “trust” these big faceless factories that mix a little cheap meat into the giant vats.

Even if you don’t know the science behind meat, and why meat protein is more digestible and useful for a dog that is 95% carnivore (than cheap grains) just watch a dog eat a meat or meat based product for some answers.

Rather than falling for treat companies that only want to sell you biscuits with different additives min it, or compressed green vegetable matter trying to replicate a bone, why not give your dog the real thing?

Dogs who chew 100% meat products and properly dried large bones have cleaner teeth and stronger gums than ‘regular’ dogs.  They don’t lose their teeth because all of the gunky pellet mix has stuck to their teeth and corroded them, or their gums are so weak from lack of chewing.

A dog evolved from the wolf and is meant to eat meat based products.  Not that long ago they used to catch their own food.  Everything about a dog eating meat and bones is nutritionally correct and 100% satisfying.  If your dog reacts the first time to eating real meat, it will pass.  The industry has just conditioned your dog into eating non-appropriate food from the start, and you are in the rehabilitation phase.

If you sit down on the weekend with your dog and give it a handful of pellets, or some long roo/ beef jerky or beef tendons.  Just check out how much more happy a dog is in getting the ‘product’ ripped apart like they used to do.  That it actually has to figure out how to eat its food rather than having it fall apart for them.

Your dogs are not human babies, and don’t need grain or vegetables in their diet, and certainly not in the massive amounts that they are currently getting them (if you are not a raw meat feeder).  So sometimes I think it’s worthwhile to remind us how much simple please humans and dogs get from food – but remember your dog mostly eats what you give them, and your choice of treats is 100% your choice.  If you can take the time to watch your dog eat real long lasting meat based chews, it will give you an insight into one of the simple and single greatest pleasures for a dog is!

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