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Why ling skins fish treat for dogs might be a good alternative?

ling skin dog treats fish

ling skin dog treats fish Something’s hit you like a blinding light of awareness. And so it happened with ling fish skin dog treats today.

And before I get any vegetarian conservationist complaining about Ling fish skins, please be aware that the sites I have seen them on suggest that they are actually a preferred alternative to eating much other fish that are in smaller numbers. These fish are on the “BETTER CHOICE” column.

These fish are caught under license in Australian waters and the skin is discarded after the fish meat is prepared for a market for human consumption. So if you don’t use the fish skins for dog treats, they will be used in much less value products or wasted all together.

I would have to admit that I personally had not tried the ling skins for my dog’s dog treat until last week when I gave some to a friend of mine to try on his dog.  And the results were impressive for several reasons.

The major benefits of ling skin fish treats for dogs

Firstly they are a reasonably long chewing dog treat. Not for massive powerful dogs, but for average to small dogs these light weight suggest these healthy dog treats can provide some good chewing. I actually looked at my dog chewing a rabbit pelt a few weeks ago and the action and satisfaction he got from the rabbit skin (which I don’t suggest he eat too much off) and the ling skin, (which acts as great fibre to a dogs diet) is remarkably similar, except the ling skin is much healthier.

Being fish, the ling skin has some residual Omega 3, and since it is not the meat of the fish it is also very low in energy (kilojoules) so they don’t get fat from it. This means it can be a cheap alternative to kangaroo tendons and much more natural than any compressed vegetable much the corporates are trying to get people to buy to clean their dog’s teeth.

My dog is on a raw meat and offal diet, and while bones clean his teeth, I have struggled to find any dog treat that is reasonably priced and will add fibre to his diet, while keeping his stools solid. Well, ling skins might be a perfect non-fattening, longer lasting natural meat based dog treat solution.

The other thing to know about these ling skin fish dog treats is that they are relatively light, and as they are sold by the kilo you get a surprisingly large number of them per bag.

If you are after something different that has the many great dogs treat qualities mentioned above, and some I am sure you will discover for yourself, then I can’t recommend this dog treats more.

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