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Kangaroo Tendons Dog Treats – Absolute best treat in Australia

Kangaroo Tendons quality treat

Kangaroo Tendon dog treats – why they are the premium, BEST dog treat!

The curious thing about our healthy dog treats is that they are typically more healthy than most dog food that people feed their dogs. Healthy in that they have more meat and less processing.

The ultra premium products are those that can be called organic and almost exclusively include fish and kangaroo dog treats ranges.

Please note the tendons in the video here were filmed in 2015, for the last several years (2017 onwards, we have been supplied the more more luxurious looking and eating darker coloured tendons). Though the video is still very good at showing the longest eating part of the treat, the stalk being chewed.

I prefer feeding my dog Kangaroo jerky and Fish jerky such as Hake or Flake but the most expensive to buy and the rarest of dog treats in Australia that I sell is Kangaroo tendons.

NOTE, we have often been one of the lowest price for roo tendons online, however we do not like to sacrifice quality, so we source for the BEST sources to ensure you the best product now.

Buy Kangaroo Tendons! Buy Roo Tendons Kg
The reason that these Kangaroo treats are so prized and high cost are the labor involved in securing this tiny part of the kangaroo, and the chewing value and nutrition of the part.  Cows and chickens are part of a process line and are intensively farmed and are more likely to have all the herbicides and pesticides that leak into the human food chain as part of the animals body.

At the other end of the scale, Kangaroos roam free and have much less of theism inadvertent additives and more minerals in their body as they are not feeding exclusively on intensive farmed lands.

The chewing value of Kangaroo Tendons

More than any other question, the chewing value of a dog treat seems to be one of the most important out there. This is for several reasons. Old and young dogs might require little hard chewing because of the nature of their jaws and digestive abilities. Hard and powerful dogs such as many working dogs in their prime, often have owners that prefer something that will last a long time to chew.  However if you give a working dog a bone all of the time, and it tries to eat all of the bone, not only will they wear their teeth down and lose them before mid age, they will also be eating a lot of fattening saturated fat marrow (well at least with the non kangaroo bones).

This is where something like Roo tendons excel for all dogs. They provide the happy medium ground between being very soft and very hard dog treats and are 100% natural. They are the ideal teeth cleaning and gum strengthening dog treat (none of that ludicrous compressed veggie matter sticks the corporations try and dupe you into buying).

And not only do they provide excellent chewing (are soft enough to bend but still hard enough to chew and not just fall apart). but they have the perfect fat composition. CLAs  (fats) are supposed to be the ideal fats for dogs and humans alike, and roo are very low in saturated fats (virtually zero).

If you were trying to construct the perfect chewing dog treat that also had nutrition, you would create something exactly like a roo tendon. The only shame is the fact that catching the roos and getting this part is so labor intensive that they absolute best treat status happens to consider with their price. But for those out there that can afford the best for their dogs (the best treat, not the most advertised on TV) then this is what they would regularly feed their dogs !

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