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Why a treat is dog food, and dog food is actually a treat

shark cartilage powder for your loved one dog

shark cartilage powder for your loved one dog There is a massive divide between what the major dog food companies are calling pet treats and what a real HEALTHY dog treat is for your dog. By definition, a treat is  ” an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.”

Us humans expect treats to be expensive and full of sugar or at least chocolate. We think that a treat should only be bought seldom to make it special.  We associate food treats with weight gain and often avoid them when dieting. But imagine if we thought of treats as being healthy for us?

Here’s a fun fact. YES supermarket treats by the major dog food companies are exactly as the definition of the word treat implies (well most of them except 100% beef liver). Don’t give your dog too much and on rare occasions. This is mainly because they have a very little benefit above what your dog is already getting in their grain filled dog food concoctions.

If you have fallen for the more expensive “grain free” dog food options, sorry, they have taken you for a further ride. Grain free just means they have substituted grain for other vegetable matter. Your carnivore domestic dog is getting no closer to their goal of 90% plus meat than they are if you just feed them kibble pellets from their main meal sack.

Unfortunately, because of the American corporate control over what can be called dog food (a mix of grains and artificial vitamins and minerals that dont exist in the real world), it turns out that no natural mix of meat or vegetable can be sold as dog food! How is that for helping the rich maintain a monopoly on what you can buy?

Irony being that they can sell you a bag of 80% grain and call it dog food (if it has enough synthetic vitamins in it and concentrated minerals) but 100% meat in any formulation could never be called dog food.   All those wolves and dogs in the wild must be wrong ..?

You might have guessed it that there is no real labelling requirements for dog treats – hence raw hide (a cheap form of leather) can be called dog treats. 100% grain sticks, bars or biscuits are dog treats. Pretty much anything goes.  We sell dog biscuits, but that is just providing a wide choice. We mainly sell meat based pet treats.

Why we sell 80% and 100% meat based dog treats

Because that’s what your dog should have as its main food, let alone in a dog treat. And so it goes a tiny way towards addressing the meat protein short fall in every packet of commercial dog food EVER.

Is there an irony in dog food having legislation behind it enabling 70% grain substances to be called dog food, yet there is no legislation for dog treats and it can be even worse for your dog?

Why you should be happy you found this dog treat site and that dog food legislation is so shoddy.

Because if all dogs were given genuinely healthy dog food (80% meat) then dog food prices would double or triple over night.  Meat would become even more scarce than the artificially high price it is in Australia right now and our meat for human consumption would rise in price too!

Let this be our, and your friends, little healthy dog treat secret.

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