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When Healthy dog treats become dog food in Broken Hill

Archie dog in Broken Hill

Archie dog in Broken Hill Many people don’t know about the nutritional value of meat to dogs that are essentially carnivores.  The massive dog food industry has everyone (97%) of owners believing you must feed your dog grain and carbs or they will die (and only from a bought plastic bag).

However even as a raw meat feeder, I have to sometimes compromise. Not on my dogs health. that will never happen, but on the mix that goes into their dog food.

What do you do for dog food when you can’t access raw meat?

And by access, I mean buy what you want, or get what you want at a reasonable price. The problem I faced was when I went to a local supermarket I was unable to get chicken legs (and the chicken breast was even too expensive for my main meal) and there were not roast beef legs (bone or no bone) to buy.

My dogs main meal usually consists of raw beef … but I had to substitute raw lamb leg, that was actually quite a reasonable price. But I wasn’t sure how my dogs digestion would react sine he has been sick before on lamb. It turned out that his sickness was related to too much lamb fat (or pork fat when he eats pork) and the lamb leg was easy to trim of obvious fat.

I was able to get chicken necks, and lamb kidney and lamb heart.. but with the stress of being away from his home environment and getting plenty of exercises I wanted to make sure that his nutrition was topped up througho0ut the day, and not just with the usual beef liver I feed him.

Naturally I brought a box of dried 100% meat dog treats away with us, and he dined on a rotated roster of kangaroo jerky, tuna jerky, beef jerky, and duck jerky.

Some people will be concerned about fat levels or additives or this and that with their dog treats, but unless your dog has been officially diagnosed with a specific meat allergy, there is a strong chance that they are not allergic to meat at all. If wolves were allergic to meat they would have died out long ago. While intensive dog breed breeding has introduced allergy proneness to many breeds, meat still remains a relatively small problem amount the vast majority of dog breeds.

WHY USE 100% meat dog treats as a dog food substitute.

Well besides price and availability, I was unlikely to be able to buy a lot of roo or tuna or duck at a reasonable price in small quantities.

Bruce’s healthy dog treats jerkies are 100% meat, meaning they are just dried, and NO additives. If you are worried about fat content, then you are assuming that your dog is not a carnivore or that they are somehow more highly evolved than every other dog in existence.

Animal fat is good fat for dogs, they are carnivores and meant to process it. Yes roo jerky and tuna jerky are the healthiest (highest omega 3’s and low saturated fat) but the main reason is that they have the lowest fat percentages. And if you don’t exercise your dog enough .. then you are in general after the lowest kilojoules intake.

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