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When Covid brings out the New Dog Treat Company scammers.

The hidden cost of new company dog treat offers

It seems a day cant go past when we aren’t targeted by facebook and Instagram with a NEW, unknown, untested “dog treat company” trying to entice us with unbelievable deals.

Perhaps we should be taking the same precautions with these ads, as we do with the friendly emails from ‘Nigerian Princes’?

Some of these even claims to have thousands of testimonials after only operating a few months. And of course, these are all on “trusted” third party reviewer sites. Either they have bribed the reviewers or they have accepted a scam sites offer of making up a lot of fake news stories ..

You don’t have to work for a website company to recognise these kinds of profiteering scams.

If you are being offered a bunch of free cookies (more grains in your carb saturated dogs’ diet) or ‘too good to be true’ “free samples” be aware that like every company they are under no obligation to tell you the source of that treat.

We deal with dog treat suppliers that we have ‘trialled’ for years. And I say trial, because occasionally those long-term suppliers get bought out, their quality goes down, and we give them the flick to protect our customers.

We are a FAMILY business

… with the ethics of a family wanting to protect our customers (the dogs and dog owners) – we don’t have major time-wasting ego fuelled board meetings, we don’t have stock offerings for making profit above all other concerns.  We are genuinely old school in how we care about who we deal with from bot h suppliers to customers.

We are more interested in keeping our regulars than getting a new customer at all cost.  Because the big corporates who just have disinterested employees serving their customers don’t care if those customers come back.  Hell, they rarely know what is in a dog treat, or why meat is essential in a dog’s diet.  Because they are just told to be polite and nod a lot.

We know that competition is toughening up as we see a lot of these ‘fly-by nighters’ make their unbelievable offers.  When you sell below cost to get a customer for too long, you either cut costs and quality  on what you buy, or put the price up once they have got you hooked.

Pretty much it is true what you paid for, but with few overheads, our company stands head and shoulders above the rest – we wouldn’t have been doing this for NINE years (as of 2020) – if we didn’t care about what we did.


Well sure, some of them do, because their marketing team told them they had to. So, they contract a third party to do five minutes research, and they write nicely for SEO purposes and tell the reader exactly what they want to hear.  They don’t rock the boat, rarely give detailed nutrition information and make sure that they don’t upset their sponsors.  By Contrast we have even spread-sheeted individual amino acid content of the meats in our meat jerkies so you see how much better than the poor minimum affco protein requirements go towards making most commercial dog foods.

Even some of the wholesalers are getting in on the blog act, but it only takes the first few lines to understand that they are coming from the senior management perspective (dot points he got the marketing assistant to send to some guy in India)  – and many of those senior managers don’t even own dogs or have never walked them.   By contrast, I am also a Professional dog walker STILL !

It is fantastic to ride the wave of Big Aussie company sentiment, but another to actually bother feeding the treats to their dogs and taking videos of how easy the treats are to eat.  You see we do go the extra mile or km in EVERY thing we do about our treats and how we get them to you. Even down to the bio degradable bubble wrap.

We don’t offer the cheapest postage in the world, but since our treats prices are already competitive, and you know that if you have a question we will answer it, then you should understand that our care put into practice makes whatever we consider good enough to sell on our site, is definitely good for your dog to eat.

You get FAR more value from an old school, knowledgeable family-based business like us than you do by just buying the cheapest and hoping (re some of our new competitors).


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