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What’s all the buzz about Fish & shark based dog treats?

Fish Dog Treats

Why arent you buying more fish dog treats?

Fish Dog Treats For some reason corporations have got everyone who owns a cat hooked on buying fish for them. While some cats might have lived on boats or with fishermen, the majority in the wild or their ancestors would not have caught and eaten fish because they don’t really like water usually.

Fast forward to what dogs eat. If you think the same thing about dogs (and wolves) you might also be right. BUT then again, if you feed your dog regular dog food, full of grain, that is the last thing on earth a dog or wolf would have ever eaten naturally. And most dogs still don’t eat grain unless its backed, pulverised, given sugar and salt and sprayed with oil!  So why not feed your dog something very special and animal based?

So why would people bother feeding fish to a dog?

Well from the ‘skin allergy’ dog foods out there you will find salmon is a very popular ingredient, because it seems to have very low allergen potential with most dogs.

The reason clever dog feeders love to fish is that when it is caught in Australia it tends to be organic (not farmed) and have low levels of pollutants and anything that might harm a dog.  While Australian Beef and Chicken are tending to become hormone free (because of consumer action at the supermarket) they will still have some level of pesticides and herbicides ingested through the foods they eat.  Fish in moderately clean waters tend to have very clean systems and meat flesh.

Fish meat protein is different from beef and roo as are any proteins, but it still has high levels of amino acids in it that are very bioavailable (easy for your dog to extract the nutrients from, as opposed to most vegetable matter).

People who have sedentary dogs, dogs that are not walked regularly, or dogs that love to eat a lot, also love fish and shark products because they are low in fat, and the fat they do have tends not to be saturated but have a high level of Omega 3 which is important for almost every part of the dogs body.

In ‘fish’ meat form, we sell flake, hake and tuna.  These vary in the protein and fat composition but the fasts all tend to be around 2-4 % – very low. When dehydrated they also provide a small challenge to most dogs to chew, and thus help with teeth cleaning.

People will often buy fish based dog treats for their dog based on price, texture etc, but the real test for most dogs is how they taste. Some fish like tuna are deep sea fish and tend to have a stronger flavour that a lot of dogs love, and of course higher Omega 3 than most other fish.

If you are not sure of what fish dog treat you or your dog want to purchase, perhaps try the smaller bags we sell until you are happy with your dogs acceptance of this quality food, then consider the lower price per gram bulk purchases.

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