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What is wrong with people, and the supplements we make our dogs eat.


non-traditional-pet-food On the back of a Neilson report that tells us how much more in love with their dogs people are … it unfortunately doesn’t translate to more dogs being walked or fed meat.

Here is the basic premise: “In the U.S., 95% of pet owners currently consider their pets to be part of the family.. Not surprisingly, there aren’t much people won’t do for their pets,”

The previous article on this site analysed people’s preference for dog food to be natural, Non GMO and organic – but how they amazingly doesn’t include any questions on MEAT in dog food.

Sand, glue and twigs are organic, but again, not what I consider to be appropriate or nutritious for dogs.

In this article we look at another mostly meaningless distraction or dog owners.  I guess if you can sell a dog owner a bag of what and call it dog food, you can then sell them non meat supplements that help to fix the problems that all that over loading with carbs have caused.

What supplements dog owners are buying for their dogs

Before considering what supplements you have seen on vet shelves or online stores, consider the image in this blog and the statement below:

“Non-traditional food forms hold a certain fascination. Consumers are surprisingly open to new pet food forms focused on health, with U.S. pet owners selecting fruit/vegetable chews (47%), nutrient drops/powders (36%) and soups and stews (35%) as their top choices for new product forms.” REF 1

You may note that NONE of the terms for ‘non traditional pet food’ items include specifically any meat in them.  If you feed your dog 70% grain in their dog food, why would you then want to add more ” fruit and vegetable chews”  The only food that might include meat is “soup and stews” but again they will probably mostly be water and vegetables.

Ironically “non-traditional pet food” for the last 50 years actually means MEAT.  If commercial dog food is 70%  grain, then surely non traditional should now actually mean meat.  Organic or natural MEAT products.  And yet the supplements included in the new trend report are even further removed from meat than grain based dog food.

That has lead to the incredible situation where the meat based dog treats I sell now have a high supplemental nature.  If your dog doesn’t get much meat in its daily diet, then our 100% meat based treats are the true ideal non additive dog food supplement.



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