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Treat your dog Australia and find out what is the best long chewing dog treats.

long Dog Treat Chews

long Dog Treat Chews Bones are a great chewing tool for many dogs, but not every dog will chew them for a long time, and some dogs don’t eat them carefully enough to eat them unsupervised.  Recently there has been a lot of press about rawhide choking dogs and blocking their intestine.


What can you do to treat your dog Australia?

You firstly need to figure out if you want natural dog chews or fake vegetable compressed sticks.  If you choose natural animal based dog treats then you need to work out if you are buying them just for long chewing or to provide some nutrition.

We have a range of bones from very hard to quite soft, all dried perfectly and large enough not to cause issues, but only if the dog can access the marrow will it get any valuable nutrition.

Why use long chew dog treats to clean teeth & strengthen gums

Dog food is usually grain based and soft, It gets stuck between the teeth and with the added sugar is going to rot your dog’s teeth. Dog food does not strengthen a dogs jaw or gums and can easily lead to gum disease too. This is why a natural long chewing dog treat can clean the teeth and clean the gums. If it doesn’t have a heap of sugar added and isn’t so hard that the dog gives up or breaks a tooth, it’s in the perfect sweet spot of dog eating.

Any pork product like pigs ears, pig ear strips or the jumbo rolls provide long chewing for many dogs, but are relatively high in fat and don’t provide a great deal of good proteins for your dog.

I have a spoodle who is eight and have recently found that our new line of bully sticks or beef pizzle is a great chew for him.  These sticks are flattened before they are dried making them accessible to a lot more dogs. If my dog can chew them, then many other dogs that would not normally try a bully stick can also chew them.

Then there are all the beef, roo, chicken and duck jerky’s.  The beef and roo are by far the hardest, but if you are looking for something harder still – roo tendons and beef tendons might be the way to go.

In fish we have fish skins (low fat) and even shark cartilage can present a good healthy challenge for small dogs.

We have so many great chews from almost impossible (roo bones and jumbo pork rolls) to relatively easy beef and roo jerky’s and everything in between.

If you feed your dog a regular dog food diet low in meat (like every dog food on the market – except some NZ dry food that is 50% meat), then you should consider meat based dog treats as a regular part of your dogs healthy diet.  If you also select the long chewing ones, then they also serve a dual purpose!

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