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Shark cartilage as dog treats – cant beat Australian product!

best shark cartilage for dogs

Shark cartilage used as dog treats is a wonder dog treat

So why would you buy Shark Cartilage from this premium Melbourne Dog treat site? Many reasons. But before you buy, we provide some of the answers here.

Hypocrisy and mis-information all around the dog food food and dog treat industry – and in fact all that most dog treat companies do is whack on the words natural or organic and people flock to buy their product regardless of what is actually in them or what they do.

As you will see in this nutrition article. Shark cartilage is one of the healthiest, multi-purpose dog treats you can feed your dog.  It is literally a miracle of the dog treat world!

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Why shark cartilage is just so good for dogs.

It is true, its been a long time since dogs swam in the sea as fish (many millions of years ago). But all of the way through the line of wolf ancestors (and dog ancestors) the animals were carnivores. The dog’s linerage has alway hunted and craved meat products in their diet.

The whole thing about the ancestor line is that dogs are only 20,000 years old and the direct ancestor is the grey wolf. Wolves took many more years to evolve from their ancestors and so on. A million years as a solid carnivore, does not get turned around in 20,000 years. And make no mistake its is all about the needs of a carnivore – dont get confused about the type of meat source. Its all about the quality meat protein – and essential amino acids that make it up.

Meat protein and their component essential amino acids are always going to be more bio available than plant sources of proteins. There is always a lot more in common between all meat and offal sources of protein than any meat and a vegetable source. And we are talking about the formulation of the amino acids, not just the volumes of them (which is higher across the board in meat).

Shark cartilage in dogs is used for these main things

1              Chewing source that is gentler than bone, but harder and more natural than any vegetable source. Chewing strengthens gums and cleans the teeth, NATURALLY.  Because it is a meat by product from an animal, regardless if it is the specific animal that wolves hunted.

2              Shark cartilage has calcium in a much easier to utilise form for dogs than any vegetable or rock source (just like bones) but it is not as harsh on teeth. So if you are a raw feeder and you want an option besides lamb ribs and chicken necks, then it is an ideal low fat source. Balanced between calcium and phosphorous is correct too.

3              Glucosamine and other pain relieving compounds.  People pay a fortune for pain relief shots at the vets They pay a fortune for shark cartilage powder or other naturopathic sources of pain relief and joint support.  They pay a lot more for green lipped muscles and a multitude of other products that shark cartilage should be used for.

If you could buy one healthy thing that you enjoyed eating as an adult, most healthy conscious people would consider doing it, particularly if they knew they were going to have arthritis or joint pain and this could prevent or relieve it.

So this is the remarkable thing when it comes to shark cartilage for dogs – the product is 100% natural (no additives) and performs THREE main health functions for your dog.

It is true that not every dog will enjoy shark cartilage – I see dogs at markets who don’t like beef liver (they would be one in a million if they weren’t raised on grain kibble diets) but it is true, some dogs don’t like the slightly salty taste of shark cartilage or its amazing texture.  So these people can buy a small bag of it to test their dogs until they are sure it is the right thing for them.

My spoodle archie approves of this product, so do raw feeding experts and the wolves that dogs came from. Perhaps you should ask your dogs opinion?

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