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What dog food and dog treats not to eat in Broken Hill outback

kangaroo footprints

kangaroo footprints As anyone who has casually observed on this site, I am a strong raw meat advocate for dogs. Domestic dogs for mostly business reasons have been fed grain for many years, and not much of this has been for a dogs benefit.

I discussed the difficulty I had in continuing my raw diet with limited meat supplies at reasonable prices in the last blog, but further, than that, I want you to look at the image in this blog and tell me what animal it is?   I had no idea except for knowing the type of animals that probably would be on the outskirts of the town.

A friend of mine said that it was definitely kangaroo paw prints, and we had seen kangaroos in the area a few days previously, but I thought it made a good mystery print anyway – well at least for us city dwellers.

Eating dog treats or eating wild animals

The trick with getting decent NON-additive meat (ie not meat that us humans farm for ourselves with its antibiotics etc) is how to catch wild animals legally.  And even if you could, would you kill large animals, drain them of blood and safely prepare them for your dog to eat?

This is the ideal situation, untainted organic animal meat for your dog – but of course, most animals in outback Australia are protected. Even the humble kangaroo is shot under state government likening systems these days. You need to be a licensed shooter and buy tags and follow all procedures to procure your own roo. Not that many people who buy dog treats and dog food from supermarkets would be bothered with this excessive practice.

Pauly, Archie and Chuck And that is precisely why I sell 100% meat dog treats via my store. Even if you can catch your own meat legally, and if you are after something a little more exotic than cow or chicken – most people would not do it.  These organic meats, kangaroos and fish stock are brilliant for our own health and our dogs, but most people just could not do it safely or legally no matter how driven they are.

In the outback we have kangaroos, emus, wild goats, rabbits, foxes, camels – many animals that are classed as vermin and have over populated certain areas (often due to the spoils of mans crops) but none the less animals that could be caught and used for human and dog consumption.

Unfortunately many of these animals would be too expensive to buy as dog treats by the time you get it from the shooter to the store – so that is why we use the best organic products we can in our store PLUS the regular beef and chicken and pork dog treats.

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