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What are homemade dog treats made of?

A homemade dog treat fanatic


A homemade dog treat fanatic

Homemade dog treats are one of the biggest hits on the internet in the dog world.

Homemade dog treats are of course supposed to be very different from homemade dog food, but it is often just as unhealthy.

This website has described many times the importance of meat and meat proteins in a healthy dogs diet. Expense usually prohibits this (expense for supplier/ manufacturer) so the main thing missing from your dog’s diet is meat.

But if 98% of people feed their dogs a grain (manufactured dog food) diet, and the remaining 2% think that a raw diet is more rice and potatoes with a side dish of meat, then the dog’s invariable won’t be getting the kind of nutrition they really need.

Its a little like how doctors used to recommend cigarettes to cure illness and mobile phone companies assure us that phones are safe regarding radiation. Well, some people don’t believe that anymore, but that is human health and that will always take precedence over dog health.

homemade dog treats are made of …

Here of course is the most curious thing. If you read the above and at all doubt a little bit that carnrovire domestic dogs are not getting enough meat in their diet, and you are not addressing this in their main diet, what is the main another way that you could get meat into their diet.

If you answered dog treats, and you start thinking of gourmet dog treats, natural dog treats or homemade dog treats, you will usually find that there is hardly any meat in these either, unless they are from a questionable source or a very small amount of grams in a pack.

If you look up images on Google for dog treats you will mostly find wheat based dog biscuits. Not so curiously you will see a lot of these images from websites that also happen to advertise on Google Adwords. If you saw it on google it must be true right? If Google says that homemade dog treats should be some kind of grain biscuit – then that becomes the accepted norm.

Its almost like science papers don’t exist anymore or nobody questions what they find on the supermarket shelf, as we all know that multinationals are there for our health and our dog’s health.

As a by the way, homemade dog treats are most likely to be made in someone’s kitchen, someone who doesn’t want to stink the house up. They are to be made by homemade ingredients and nobody wants to waste a precious resource like meat.  If you don’t handle meat properly we are told it will kill humans and dogs alike. There are many reasons why meat rarely makes it as the main ingredient on a homemade dog treat list. Perhaps one of the main ones is that homemade somehow invokes the vision of baking.


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