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Vizsla Jed having fun catching tennis balls. VIDEO

Jed Vizsla sitting

Jed Vizsla sitting This is actually the second video of a dog that I looked after recently.

If you have never minded a Vizsla or don’t know much about them, then this article will be a good crash course. I have included information on their temperament and a video of one happily jump catching tennis balls for me.

The dog is of Hungarian origin and of the pointer class. They typically are seen doing long sweeping runs when playing in off lead parks.

Their speed and reasonably tall size may concern some people, but they are usually one of the most gentle loving dogs you will find.

The added bonus is that with their strong desire to hunt channelled into retrieving or a similar task, they can be very easy to train, knowing that they will be rewarded with a tennis ball or healthy dog treat.

They can concentrate well on the hunt or when playing with children. They have an excellent temperament for small children but should be walked first to  drain their substantial energy reserves.

The vizsla breed are trackers and pointers first, before being a family pet. This means that unless they grow up with small animals such as hamsters and cats etc that they should not be trusted alone with such prey animals.

If not drained of energy and properly disciplined they can tend to guard toys, food and even people in the house.


While they are usually good with other dogs, too much retrieving or single minded tasks can have them appear aloof and non social. That is why the way they get their exercise is very important. In the video you will see this Vizsla catching the ball in its mouth repeatedly. It loves doing this as it’s a test of skill that it easily passes.

But this video is edited together and not all one take. You don’t see the down time between takes when the Vizsla drinks or is patted, these things are very important to integrate into a vizsla’s play time to stop them becoming obsessive.

If vizsla’s are not exercised they tend to run, prance and chew. In between takes, this dog would chew the tennis ball a lot shredding the outer layer.

With all of the above information on correcting behaviours and directing their energies into structured plays and walks, the dog in this video shows some great characteristics. Yes he was very excited about retrieving, but he could be convinced to stop after a while and receive affection and pats. Ideally as a non hunting dog (ie a family pet) this is where you would want to get your vizsla to.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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