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Vital dental hygiene news for your dog !

Big dogs with big teeth

Big dogs with big teeth People are sometimes a little surprised that their vets tell them to get their dogs teeth cleaned annually. Or that they need to regularly buy artificial green compressed vegetable matter  as some kind of reward and teeth cleaning invention.

Do you know why 97% of people have to do this?

Its no coincidence that 97% of people feed their dogs manufactured dog food – kibble and wet food.

Its no coincidence that the other 3% have healthier dogs and that they don’t need their teeth artificially cleaned.

Why is kibble and wet food so bad for your dogs … teeth

Let’s pretend that your carnivore dog, evolved only a short time ago from the carnivore wolf,  NEEDS 70% grains in their diet.

Well wet dog food is much almost like a chunky milkshakes that any dog, teeth or no teeth can digest. It involved no real chewing and the fat and soy and sugars are guaranteed to stick to a dogs teeth, creating plarc and giving something for the bacteria to feast on and erode their teeth.

Kibble meanwhile has a little bit of shredded meat in it, pulverised into tiny pieces  so it can be evenly distributed with crushed grains. It is meant to be extremely easy and fast for any size or age dog to eat.  They want your dog to over eat.  They make it taste so artificially good, that the normal shut off mechanism is over ridden, corporate profits skyrocket. Meanwhile dogs jaws, gums and teeth are left diseased.

How meat based dog treats naturally clean your dogs teeth

This is just one of the multitude of benefits a dog gets from eating species appropriate food.

the meat, or 100% meat jerky (that is just slabs of complete meat dried) are naturally ripped apart by a dogs front teeth that were designed for shredding the meat of prey.  They dont have grinding teeth like us true omnivores. And the shredding action works like tooth floss for the dog removing any small particles of debris that might stick to teeth and cause decay.

For people who dont want to decease their dogs grain kibble that much to feed their dogs the meat they require, we sell treats like shark cartilage and Kangaroo tendons that act like a much harder floss, hence lasting longer and cleaning better.

Then there are the various dried bones you can buy. Not surprisingly wild dogs and wolves also enjoyed crunching down the bones to gain calcium, phosphorus and nutritious marrow.

I have personally seen too many otherwise healthy dogs with bleeding gums and having almost all of their teeth pulled, at the vets, because they ate kibble for life and didn’t chew enough hard meat based dog ‘treats’.

I am still puzzling over why meat dog treats (which are actually a dogs preferred dog food) are somehow relegated to the ‘treat category’ and artificially soft vegetable matter is elevated to Corporate sanctioned dog food.

No wonder people end up with dogs having rotten teeth in their middle years.


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