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Tilly Jack Russell loves to swim with the seagulls VIDEO

tilly dog on pipe

Tilly is a dog that I walk three times per week. I have done this for a few years, but she has only realised her talent for swimming.

In fact she swims for up to an hour at a time, but the most remarkable thing about this more than her size is her breed.  You see Tilly is a jack Russell and Jack Russells are one of the best ‘ratters’ out there. They were bred to be alert and courageous hunters often taking on vermin of their own size or larger. But swimming has never been in their description.

Tilly is an amazingly friendly little dog and the amount of exercise she takes on and keeps taking on goes to show the bad advice available on the net.

Some sites name jack russells as suitable for apartment life, but this is horrendously inaccurate because they are one of the most active dogs out there. While the sites back this up by saying the dogs need long fast walks, there are very few owners who have the commitment or time to do so.

This means without regular off lead walks where they can roam and hunt this dog will bark, dig out, jump over fences and destroy objects.

Why this video is so amazing is that originally Tilly was afraid of water, or at least very indifferent to water, particularly open bodies of water. Her breed does not have webbed feet meaning that she has to put a lot of effort into swimming.

In the video you will see her relentlessly swimming after seagulls. She never has the chance of surprising them as she does to prey in her own yard, but this doesn’t stop her trying the entire time we are at  parks. The other dogs in my pack are happy to wade into the water, cool off then come back, however Tilly needs a lot greater enticement to end her game.

The video is only one small part of the time she spends in the water. When she can she will jump onto a sandbar to speed up her progress, but regardless of her futile pursuit she is programmed to never give up.

However by allowing her this extreme exercise time, her owner has a chance of having a relatively rested dog at home. This video goes to show that dog walks (swims) are vital for all dogs every day – if you can.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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